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Jan 30, 2012 08:09 AM

Tell me abut Lulu's....lunch or dinner?

I will be in Fernandina for a week beginning Feb. 5. Have never eaten at Lulu's so am curious about the atmosphere and food. Will also be trying Espana for the first time. We will definitely be going back to Merge and Horizons. Don't know if Salt will be on the list but was underwhelmed with first visit. Love Arte Pizza but also plan to try Moon River this trip. Are you able to order the burgers from TRay's to go? Do they serve beer? Sorry I got off on too many tangents!

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  1. LuLu's may be the best restaurant on the island. I would recommend a lunch and a dinner. You can certainly get TRay's to go but no beer. There is a new burger place at Centre and 8th called Tasty's Burgers and Fries which is pretty, well tasty. They have craft beers and interesting fries to go with excellent burgers. I agree with you about Salt. Le Clos, Espana and Merge are very, very good. 29 South has been getting mixed reviews. As you know Arte and Moon River are two different things. Tonino at Arte has been offering some interesting specials. Bon Apetit!

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      Thanks! Is Lulu's in a B&B? I've always dined outside at Arte but think weather next week will force us indoors. That will be true for a lot of the places I like to go primarily for the courtyards!

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        Lulu's has indoor and outdoor seating. Heaters are available for the exterior. A little more about the food: Lunch usually follows the online menu with excellent sandwiches and creative salads. The Po'boys are very well liked. Dinner continues the lunch menu and adds daily specials based on what Chef Brian can get locally. The seafood is especially good. Brian is very flexible and willing to help you get what you want (within reason of course.) Enjoy your visit!