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Jan 30, 2012 08:07 AM

Silver Spring

I need to host someone for an early dinner next Sunday in Silver Spring. Guest's taste doesn't run too ethnic, and we have done Rays.

Anyone been to Jackie's lately? 8407? Crisfields? Any other reccos?

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  1. Nando's Per Peri is my go-to for picky eaters. Paccis is also good, if they eat pizza. I haven't been a fan of my last two visits to Jackie's and have quit going altogether.

    1. i'm a fan of 8407. not everything there is perfect but they have a lot of options at different prices. the simpler the better usually.

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        I second 8407. I've been twice and the food is very good. The duck breast is my favorite dish there, and their duck fat fries are fantastic.