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Jan 30, 2012 07:09 AM

Indy for SuperBowl Bar/Rest info needed

Hey a group of us is driving out to Indy. Be there Friday and leaving Monday post superbowl. A few questions:

a) Most important, any places doing any all inclusives or something similar for the game? We are looking for a spot to watch the game where we don't have to post up at 11am and hold down the bar all day. We've looked everywhere on line and haven't found a thing. Hoping some fellow hounds can help me/us out!?!?

b) WIth 4 guys and will have wheels. Any can't miss spots? Preferbaby with good beers on tap?

c) How about downtown, any can't miss places for food/drink? Pretty adventourous eater(s) so all types of food are in play here.

Any help would be VERY appreciated!!

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  1. I can't help you with any all-inclusive deals for watching the game, although there are numerous sports bars downtown, so I imagine some of them will be having special deals like what you are referrring to.

    A local blogger came up with a really great list of local places with good food in Indy- this will be a great place for you to start planning your meals:

    Enjoy your visit!

    1. LIke mem53 - I don't know of any place that is doing an all inclusive type thing... sorry I can't help you there.

      Since you have wheels - one of the best restaurants in Indy is Recess. They're in South Broad Ripple, so it's not too far. But - make your reservation NOW. They also have a little sister restaurant next door called Room 4, similar menu but much smaller and great for carry-out.

      As you head north on College - you'll pass several other restaurants and bars - Napolese , Taste Cafe, Red Key Tavern, The Sinking Ship and many others on your way into Broad Ripple proper. Take a right turn onto Broad Ripple Ave and you'll be in a mecca of bars, too many to mention. If you make it all the way through Broad Ripple, you'll find H2O - great sushi and the daily specials are not to be missed.

      If you stay downtown, definitely check out the Mass Ave neighborhood/area. Several great restaurants are mentioned in the blog link. They left out MacNivens though - a Scottish bar with appropriate eats. For historic and beer reasons, check out the Athenaeum - beautiful building with a Biergarten and you can oomph pah pah to your hearts content. ;-)

      For a great corned beef sandwich, try Shapiro's Deli. Old school cafeteria style, but really good IMHO. Steak - try St Elmo's or Harry and Izzy's for local, or there's a bazillion chains. Adobo Grill for Mexican (the margarita's are great). Or head down to The Libertine for some fabulous drinks and eats.

      You won't go hungry!
      Let us know where you go and what you think!

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      1. re: Cookiefiend

        I will be in for Super Bowl also. Have reservations at Mesh, R Bistro & Lorenzo's. Not sure about Lorenzo's. I'm concerned that it may not be authentic. Certainly doesnt look like anyone Italian works there. Can anyone help, and if it's not recommended, need a suggestion for somewhere else for Saturday. Thanks.

        1. re: breakaway

          Oh, and I don't like fixed menus, so Recess is not an option.

          1. re: breakaway

            The Mass Ave. has a lot of good places. Black Market is good for drinks and dinner though I don't know if they take reservations. Its a bit of a gastro-pub feeling place. The Ball & Bisquit is great for cocktails and small plates. Mesh is very good for dinner. I just had one of the better meals I've had in Indy at R Bistro.

            Libertines is a great recommendation downtown. The downtown is crazy crowded so if you want in one of the steakhouses or Oceanaire (very good considering its a chain), Palomino, Morton's etc... call now. Shapiro's is a Indy legend.

            1. re: HoosierFoodie

              If you decide to trawl along Mass Ave as well and do drop by Chatham Tap, stay away from their "specialty" aka Fish & Chips. Ugg.

          2. re: breakaway

            You will be in good shape at R Bistro and Mesh. I have never been to Lorenzo's, so I can't speak to the food. I just did a quick search on Open Table, and for Saturday night, your options downtown are not great. My suggestion- drive a little north into Broadripple/Meridian Kessler area. Since you don't want a fixed menu, here are 2 other options:

            H20Sushi is a great suggestion- and they have more than just sushi. Their tuna tartar appetizer is a favorite, as are their steamed pork buns. Oh, and get the cookie for dessert. Just trust me.

            It also looks like Meridian still has some reservations open. If you go there, get the smoked corn soup to start.


            1. re: breakaway

              I've never even heard of Lorenzo's... so can't give a recommendation.

              Authentic and Italian aren't exactly two words that go together in Indy as far as Authentic Italian Restaurants go here. I've seen verbal battles on CH regarding that subject and won't start another.

              That said, if I were going out for Italian food, I'd go to Amalfi on the northwest side of town. The owner is Italian and his brother's also run Italian restaurants - Matteo's and The Capri. In my very humble opinion, Amalfi is the best of the bunch.

              1. re: Cookiefiend

                Within the downtown area close to the stadium, Osteria Pronto (in the Marriott at Washington & West) has had some decent reviews. Somewhat "Northern Italian"-ish menu. (Americanized to an extent, one should expect)

          3. My wife and I LOVED saffron cafe downtown. It is a place we are still talking about nearly 2 years after our meal there.

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            1. re: gbque

              Trip was a blast! For eats we tried two places. First was the Steer In Diner courtesy of Diner Drive Ins and Dives. However you feel about Guy...I love him....he usually has great recs. This place was no exception. Had breakfast here and possibly had the best hash of my life. Folks were beyond friendly as well.

              Second place we hit was Flatwater in Broadripple area. The 5 of us sat in a table in the bar area. The Calimari (in indy??) was exceptional, so lightly fried. We also had the nachos w/ pork which was unique and flavorful. 3 folks had the prime rib and all seemed to enjoy it. One had the pork w/ garlic mashed and thinks it was one of the better meals he's had in awhile. I had the Walleye w/ garlic mashed and thought it was dynamite. Again, so lightly battered and friend, the taste was fantastic. Good beers on draft made the place even better.

              Indy really came through.

              1. re: CapecodKid

                Glad you enjoyed your visit! We actually moved to Indy from Boston about 3 years ago. At first I worried that we would never go out to eat again (ha!), but we discovered that Indy is actually filled with many little, independent gems. You just have to know where to look.