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Jan 30, 2012 05:51 AM

Dinner for Father's Birthday in Atlanta

Hello all:

Looking for some top-notch suggestions for dinner this Saturday eve around 7.30 for four people... open to any and all suggestions but would like this to be a nice place (read, money not an issue at this point) and cool/interesting cuisine.

Please let me know your thoughts!

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  1. Andrew,
    Do a quick search. A lot depends on where you want to go (neighborhood).
    For that reservation time, you're going to need to get on it.

    I had a great meal at No. 246 last week.

    Other spots I enjoy:
    4th and Swift
    Empire State South

    Typical Atlanta "money no object" suggestions: Bacchanalia, Aria, Woodfire Grill, Rathbun's
    (it's going to be hard to find 7:30 reservation I would guess)

    1. I've always liked Canoe; it has amazing views and an excellent atmosphere. Here is the website:

      I have never had a bad meal there.

      Bone's Steakhouse is also really good, but unless everyone is going to order steak, don't go there. The fish dishes on the menu are good, but not great.

      If you don't mind a little kitsch, Dante's Down the Hatch (for fondue) is a lot of fun. It makes for a good "experience" meal, and you can play around with a lot of different meats and sauces that they bring, but it's not "amazing" food. I've had a good time every time I've been there, though. If you go there, make sure you start with cheese fondue, then go to the meat fondues.

      1. I love MCKendricks---its a incredible steak/fish/chop place.Its not cheap but outstanding--read rhe reviews.Its a major business meal type place and isnt that crowded on Saturdays---since most sales are in the week.They do anything you want,even if its not on the menu,including sauces.I was there 2 weeks ago and had a 12oz filet stufed with a lobster tail, hollandaise sauce, sides of lobstre mash potatoes and asparagus--appetizer escargot, friend had baked oysters.Great wine list--if you go downtown to other steak spots they will be noisy and crowded--if you go ask for a banquet table in tha back, and either Taco ot Marcus as your waier--let us know where ypu wound up and how it was--have fun
        If upu like Italian, i like Priccis, and Arias is good too, but tables are a little close