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Classic New York Dishes [moved from Manhattan]

I am looking for some dishes that define New York City that can be served hot for catering purposes. Any ideas? So far I've got Hot Dogs and Sauerkraut. Pizza is not an option for this.

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    1. re: tex.s.toast

      second this.

      Katz Deli. Get pastrami and corn beef, fat on, on rye.

      Katz's Delicatessen
      205 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

    2. Lower East Side kosher pickles. Italian-American meatballs. The Hudson Valley is famous for its ducks -- is that venturing too far from the city? Cold smoked duck breast can be sliced and used in a variety of appetizers/snacks.

      1. It would be helpful to know how high/low brow you are shooting for. One dish that, to me, defines NYC is chicken/lamb over rice, from the ubiquitous halal carts. I've not done it but im sure with a little leg work you could arrange to have this catered, or find someone to make a version for you (there is a serious eats post floating around about how to do this, im fairly certain).

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            its not about price, it's about authenticity.

          2. Does the food *have* to be served hot? I would put bagels & lox on the list, if it doesn't.

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              1. re: AYSConsulting

                Alright, then LEO - scrambled eggs with lox & onions.

              1. Is this for little kids? Maybe a sandwich type dish made with soft pretzels or pretzels with some type of mustard, kosher or dill pickles. Or oysters, Manhattan chowder for adults?

                1. old style new york chow mein & associated big fat egg rolls

                  I believe Lobster Newburg premiered at Delmonico's.

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                    Chicken-in-a-Pot, Roumanian Steak, Kosher salami and eggs pancake style, Roast pork wonton noodle soup, stuffed breast of veal, kasha varnishkes.

                    (Sorry, @pauliface, I meant to reply to the OP.)

                  2. I'd recommend taking a look at:
                    The New York Cookbook by Molly O'Neill

                    Arthur Schwartz's New York City Food

                    You will get some great ideas. Also, pizza is quintessential New York, why is that not an option?

                    1. For a modern classic: Momofuku pork buns.

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                      1. re: Riverman500

                        Unfortunately, these are very difficult to do for a big group, because the steamed buns get soggy or really dried out quickly.

                      2. Delmonico steak; Chicken Francese (or Francaise); Eggs Benedict; Long Island Duck; Littleneck clams; bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches on a Kaiser roll

                        1. black and white cookies come to mind

                          1. If you hadn't said hot, I'd say, you can't get more NY than a bagel w/lox and cream cheese. If you are doing Hot Dogs, I'd say you have you have Knishes and Jamaican beef patties too. Then there are the items that got their start in NY, like Lobster Newburg, Waldorf Salad, Manhattan Clam chowder, NY Style Cheesecake. Kinda hard to imagine a NY themed meal without pizza!

                            1. A Sausage and peppers or meatball hero.
                              Roasted chestnuts and peanuts.

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                              1. re: teddym

                                Or a sausage, egg & potato hero.

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                                  Or fried calamari (Grotto Azurra ) and raw oysters (Lundy"s )

                                2. two dogs with kraut and a papaya drink
                                  pastrami on rye
                                  dry aged porter house served pre-sliced
                                  fish in a potato jacket
                                  oyster pan roast