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Jan 30, 2012 04:17 AM

Voltage converter/transformer for a 110 volt high power blender such as blendtec or vitamix.


Could you recommend a good transformer/converter for a 110v blendtec, and a place to buy it from ?

Buying a 220 volt outside the USA is not an option, as it costs more than double the price.


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  1. This might be more than you need (, but it looks like they have different levels of wattage available. I use this for our vacuum cleaner and outdoor electric grill. It's very quiet (no hum) and doesn't short out our power (some of our other transformers do). Amazon shipped it abroad to us, but we do have an APO address.

    1. I did a search and came up with this site:

      When we were in the military, we purchased big old ugly boxes to run all of our appliances. Mixer, blender , coffee pot, toaster, etc all ran reasonably well.The only one that did not work well after our return was our radar range. The converters/inverters here look much nicer, maybe even elegant. Possibly someone has experience with them or can recommend/bump up the recommendation from DCcook. Good luck.

      1. Is this a temporary stay out of the US or a more permanent move? If this is a temporary deal, maybe just save a Euro or two and just buy a 'normal" blender in country and leave the VitaMix stateside (with friends, family, or, heck, I'll say it, ME). Oh wait! Better idea...get a stick blender...portable and damn handy, and less of an issue to covert . And when you get back stateside, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. Blenders are just a real low priority appliance (somewhere between stand mixers and espresso makers) and it seems like a waste to lug that monster around AND have to buy expensive hardware just to run. I have a hard time buying the "You don't understand, I can't live without it" argument.

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          Tongue planted firmly in cheek for what it's know I just wanted your VitaMix0 Seriously, I have known a few folks who have done hitches in Europe for work or school, and most are happy not to haul that stuff around (a few were happier with their Euro appliances and ended up trying to convert the 220v to 110v when they got back.) Whether leaving for a short stay (or good) best wishes on your travels.

        2. Thanks for your suggestions.
          It seems like a converter that would work for a high power blender is going to be quite expensive.