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Ventura/Oxnard help?

I'm renting a beach house in Oxnard in March. What are the best restaurants around there for lunch and dinner? Want places with good food....and wine. Thanks! Can be high end or casual.

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  1. Check out this place. Excellent food, wine and services. A special treat for the area.
    The Wild Boar Shanks are outstanding.

    1. Andria's seafood in Ventura harbor is great for fish and chips.

      1. For sushi, I like Anaba on Tradewinds Dr. in Oxnard. I also like Moqueca, a Brazilian rest. at Channel Harbor. Friends like Tierra Sur, at Herzog Winery in Oxnard. I was not impressed the one time I went for lunch with the friends, but the friends felt our experience was unusual compared to their previouse visits.

        Some one already mentioned Andria's. I like their clam chowder, also the chowder at Brophy Bros. These are both at Ventura Harbor.

        My go to places for lunch in Ventura are Danny's Deli on Telegraph, I usually get the Pastrami Dip or tongue sandwich, and Marshall's Bodacious BBQ on Ventura Bl. for their boneless pork rib sandwich.

        I was not impressed by Cafe Zacks, however my visit was during Restaurant Week a couple months ago and they only served a rather unimpressive set menu and the service was slow.

        Enjoy your stay!

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          I second Brophy Bros. Andria's can have a bit too strong of a fish smell for me at times, but it's certainly got a great lowbrow vibe.

        2. Tierra Sur in Oxnard. Pricey, but good.

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            Cuernavaca on the avenue in Ventura is my favourite Mexican restaurant in the area. I've tried a few of the places along Channel Islands Blvd and they do not compare. Cuernavaca is very casual and serves beer. Try the al pastor tacos.
            You have to try Topper's Pizza Place once. It's right on the harbor now, so if you're in Hollywood Beach, you can walk there. It's not gourmet pizza but it's really enjoyable. I ask for it well done.
            Welcome to the neighborhood. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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              Thanks! I'm really looking forward to it. Hollywood Beach seems very laid back and lovely!

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                Also LOVE Cuernavaca on the avenue in Ventura. All of the small "street tacos" are delicious, but the al pastor & potato & chile are especially good. The chorizo torta is wonderful. They also have a great array of very tasty salsas.
                As far as high end or fine dining, your best bet would be to head to Santa Barbara. Since Brooks closed in Ventura Dec. 31, there is just nothing worth suggesting in this area.
                Enjoy your stay at the beach!

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                  Agree with Cuernavaca. Zacks is one of our go to places for the higher end. Danny's Deli is great for lunch. The best restaurant is in Santa Paula. Appears casual but is actually high end with an excellent wine list-recognized by the Wine Spectator . Is easy to reach-just off the Santa Paula Freeway, right at the stop light and then the next (and only) right. . It's located in an industrial zone in a corner of the owner's factory .Open for lunch and breakfast most of the weeks, but only for dinner Wed-Sat. Menu changes weekly and is usually ;listed on their website.

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                    Piero.......What is the name of the restaurant in Santa Paula and which exit off of 126? I'd like to check out their website.

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                        Hozy's. Take the Santa Paula Freeway east from Ventura. At the east end of Santa Paula the Freeway will come to a traffic light. Turn right off the Freeway, go about 400 yards and turn right-you have to turn right-and the drive about 1/2 mile and on the left there will be signs for Hozy's and ARP (American Racing Products).

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                        Yea, I'm a little confused. What's the name of the restaurant in Santa Paula?

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                        I too was really sad to see Brooks close. It was my favorite, and only fine dining restaurant in this area worth visiting.

                  2. For lunch a good lamb burger and other sandwiches at the Kitchen.
                    529 South A Street, Oxnard

                    1. Go and check out Bonanos Peruvian.. Their original place is in Reseda and just opened a second place in Ventura..

                      1. I concur that bonanos in Ventura is great. For sushi I highly reccomend sushi Hanada on channel islands. Its true traditional eastern sushi. Not westernized. Need to approach the place with no preconceived notions. Mrs Olsens on Hollywood beach is a must for breakfast. They are voted in the top 50 in the US by esquire magazine. And I must end with bandits in Camarillo for BBQ. They are great.

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                          I totally forgot about Mrs. Olsen's on Hollywood Beach. Breakfast is always great and they have a fish sandwish at lunch that is really good. Since it is very small and very popular, getting in at peak times can involve a wait. Anxious to try Bonanos Peruvian in Ventura.

                        2. Now that my month here is winding down....that I'd report on some of my findings. My favorite place is a little local fish cafe. Fishermen's Catch. It's in a shopping center at Victoria & Wooley. Family owned. The father and son go out in the morning and bring in their catch. You ask what's fresh that day....and they'll prepare it in a variety of ways....grilled, fish & chips, in tacos, over rice and vegetables, in a sandwich. Soooo good and fresh. They have beer and wine, too. Also liked the Kitchen. It's fun and it's good bar food. Had a "mini" Cubano sandwich and burger....both good. The fried green beans are really good. Yesterday I went to the Lookout Bar & Grill in the marina just as you turn on Harbor. It's upstairs....by the Italian Job. A nice patio overlooking the marina. I loved the setting....but it looked more like a bar, so I didn't have high hopes for the food. I was pleasantly surprised. The cod fish & chips were very good....and the cole slaw was excellent. Really light and well done. The waitress said they make it there. Loved walking down the beach to Mrs. Olson's. The breakfast was really good. It's always packed....but you can usually snag a seat at the counter. I went to the Ventura Pier and tried the Greek restaurant....just ok. A friend told me about the Rudder Room, and described it as a great dive bar. It was a kick....but the guy passed out on the patio probably added a little too much atmosphere. I'm off to Fishermen's Catch for my last visit for a while. Can't wait to come back!

                          1. Ok fishermans catch is so gross baffling this is on chowhound as a great place it's just so not good at all! rice thai is good solid thai the crying tiger beef is really good mrs olsens largo very quaint and a great experience the food was not special in any way it'd want bad either but I definitely not anything amazing foodie wise ... Mckenzies bleck! Haven't found anything really awesome oh jolly oyster truck is really good oyster tacos are well prepared crunchy great aioli def wd rec this place ok well that's all for now I guess ...

                            1. I'm having a little trouble deciphering your post kcolmenares.
                              (punctuation can be your friend.) Obviously, people on this board have a variety of opinions and preferences. That's the fun of it. But I wrote this post during my first month in Oxnard. I've since spent another month there. In all, I've probably been to Fisherman's Catch a dozen times and I've never had a bad meal. The seafood in incredibly fresh and well prepared. The family could not be nicer. It's not Providence (which I love), but I didn't expect it to be. The place is always packed. I can't imagine what is "gross" about it, but then....different strokes.....

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                                Well I just had a different experience I guess ... The crab cakes were way too greasy and fried in a batter that reminded me of a funnel cake batter. The shrimp tacos had tiny little bay shrimp like one would use in a shrimp salad and had shredded American type cheese on top ... It was just not authentic or special to me I'm sorry! I wasn't looking for providence at all rather something like Ricky's tacos in la type quality or something more original foodie oriented ... The Thai place however was very good I said to my partner their crying tiger dish was almost as good as jitlada! The oyster tacos at jolly oyster those were unique and tasty! Anyhoo cheers! I put punctuation in there for ya :)

                              2. Maria Bonita, on Main St. diagonally across from the mission. Terrific moles. http://www.mariabonitagourmet.com/men...

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                                  thanks. hadn't heard of it. i'll check it out.

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                                    Im a mole freak I'm going there sat nt! Btw food truck rally fri nt ppl! Thanks for suggestion

                                  2. Thank you for the punctuation! I've always ordered things that were locally caught.....swordfish, sea bass or spot prawns. And mostly, had them grilled over what they call a "bowl"....with brown rice and vegetables. A friend ordered crab cakes once and they weren't greasy....but maybe you caught them on a bad day. I will check out the Thai place. Thanks for the recommendation.