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Jan 29, 2012 10:57 PM

steak in Portland OR

A friend helped me get a great deal on a car! I promised him a great steak dinner for his help. Where would you suggest ? (He is not the foodiest of foodies, so (for example) he probably wouldn't appreciate (or even know about) Japanese Kobe beef -- just really good steak, impressive atmosphere...............
thanks, Susan

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  1. El Gaucho or Ringside have my favorite steaks in Portland.

    Editted to add: costco sometimes sells el gaucho gc for good prices

    1. Sounds like a perfect scenario to head to Ringside I agree. Old school and delicious. Based on what the OP mentions, the extra $20 or more spent at El Gaucho would not be needed.

      1. The best steak I have ever had in Portland was at June. The preparation varies, but it seems to usually be a bone-in ribeye with a lot of dry age on it (40+ days, and sometimes 50+ dollars...). I'm not sure I would call the atmosphere "impressive" but the rest of the menu is excellent as well (and going to be far more varied than a steakhouse, if that is important for your side of the meal), they have a great bar and the service is exceptional.