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Jan 29, 2012 10:00 PM

Chinese Roasted Chestnuts (weekends) & MochiCream at Mitsuwa, San Jose w/ Pics

Saw Chinese roasted chestnuts out in front Sun 1/29/12- girl said they are there on weekends. 1/4 lb for $3; 1/2lb for $6; 1lb for $10. I didn't buy any, but got a sample - I still don't like roasted chestnuts.

MochiCream is new & now open. Guy told me it opened last Wed 1/25/12, not made there, made in Japan. I picked 4 mochicream: caramel pudding $1.80; double mango $2.10; charamel (sic) macchiato $2.10; black sesame $1.80. There are all just ok, soft mochi outside, & cream w/ some filling inside. Suppose to last only 1 day, if not eaten right away can be refrigerated.

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  1. The whole store is a construction zone right now. They are remodeling and staying open, so the pickle corner is gone. Some pickles are in a cooler at the front of the store. The produce selection is smaller than usual.