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Jan 29, 2012 09:22 PM

La Truffiere

I love truffles and have been to Paris innumerable times. But i have never been to La Truffiere.
I am going in a few weeks and have made a tentative reservation but am apprehensive. Most travel advisor reviews are good but the bad ones have a certain ring of "The Truth". I usually don't pay much attention to Yelp but a bad review there had that same ring. Over priced, rip-off, waiters push you to order expensive wines and push the most expensive items on the menu. Any one been there lately?

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  1. It is definitely pricey and the wine mark-ups are jarring (which, since it seems to be very popular with people in the wine trade, is very surprising). I don't find the waiters to be pushy at all. Just the opposite...almost obsequious. Food-wise, it's not amazing cuisine but good enough and, given the truffle emphasis, not as over-priced as you have been led to believe. The setting qualifies as very charming in the salon and ultra-romantic in the vaulted cave. I do prefer the better-value lunch than the very pricey dinner. And usually have a coffee/ digestif at a café on the place de la Contrescarpe rather than lingering over dessert at La Truffière

    1. As Parnassien said service and food are described perfectly. If you go get the wine pairings, l am not usually a fan of pairings, but had a zillion wines with many very unusual ones which helped make the time there memorable.

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        The lunch for two, inc. wine, for 120 euros seems reasonable. I don't plan to return but have no complaints.

      2. we went two weeks ago. and i have been twice before. imho, the regular chef's tasting menu is excellent and good value. the truffle tasting menu is good value in the sense that you get a lot of truffle shaved on top of everything, but it doesn't add as much to the enjoyment of the meal as it adds to the final tab. i will go to this restaurant again, but won't go for the truffle menu again. to be clear though, in the three times i have been, we were never pushed towards anything in particular. i have always found the service to be excellent, if a little overly solicitious.

        if you do go, could you ask where the butter comes from -- it's weird but that's the one element that sticks in my memory the most.