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Jan 29, 2012 08:13 PM

Fresh Yeast Cake

In case any of you are bread bakers, I just wanted to let you all know that you can buy fresh yeast cake at Frenco Vrac on St. Laurent, near Duluth. I bought some today and tried it for the first time as I was looking for a truly flavorful yeast product, as opposed to the rather tasteless "active dry yeasts" that are available everywhere. Unfortunately, yeast that has been selected for rapid rise has had all the flavor bred out of it!
Anyhow, yeast cake is easy to use and takes only a bit longer than these quickie yeasts and the flavor of then bread is well worth the wait. I used about a tablespoon sized hunk of it and dissolved it in warm water and some sugar and the rest is as usual when making bread. Here's my first attempt at Challah bread, made by hand. It was delicious.

Oops. Just realized CH can't upload photos from an to follow.

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  1. Yup, nothing beats the fresh stuff. Although I find making a sponge starter with active dry yeast yields very flavourful bread.
    For anyone in Laval you can find fresh yeast at Lillie's Bakery on Notre Dame.

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      Fresh yeast is actually readily available- in NDG you can find it at Molisana bakery on Somerled and more often than not at Bucarest, in Little Italy you can find some at Milano. I love the "yeasty" flavour it gives- recently made a Pan de Muertos which was delicious.

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        Molisana! Thanks for that info: I was pondering how I could get to Frenco but Molisana is much closer for me :)