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Jan 29, 2012 07:52 PM

"Left over" tender short ribs

I make an awesome beef stock using both short ribs and traditional soup bones. Then I turn the that stock into beef barley soup and French Onion Soup. But I always have more beef short ribs than I need for the beef barley soup. Anyone have any ideas how to make a delicious sauce to reheat some of those short ribs for a different meal? Thanks! [The short ribs have been simmered for five hours with the traditional stew of stock veggies and spices. Super delicious and tender meat.]

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  1. I like making pasta with leftover short ribs, shredding them into a saute of onions, garlic, mushrooms, a leafy green like kale, anchovy paste and crushed red pepper. Some of your homemade stock would be nice added too. It's great with parm on top but even better with garlic bread crumbs or ricotta on top.

    1. not pasta, but you can mix them with some herbs and goat cheese and make spring rolls. these freeze super well too.

      saute some onions. fry a little tomato paste in the same pan, add red wine and simmer a bit to meld the flavors. add the meat. presto.

      you can also do this with scallions and harissa.

      1. BBQ Short rib grilled cheese.