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Jan 29, 2012 07:37 PM

Cactus Rose Cantina Wilton

Has anyone been? I am thinking of going next weekend. Wondering how it compares to Boxcar in Greenwich.
Thanks in advance for any input.

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  1. Tried Cactus Rose last night. The menu is certainly inventive and interesting and a far cry from what this part of Fairfield County usually thinks of as Mexican or Southwestern. For example, I ordered the fish tacos, which were made with grilled swordfish. They were delicious. My dining partner ordered the steak asada fajitas, which included cactus as one of the veggies offered up on the platter. She also enjoyed them immensely. Desserts were a little bit less successful. Her pecan pie was "good but not great." I ordered the chocolate chili pot de creme. It was hard to taste the chili and the consistency was very fudgy instead of the more creamy flan-like texture I was expecting. Every table gets a big pink cotton candy cone with the check. It was a pleasant surprise to taste cinnamon instead of the standard bubble gum flavor. In hindsight, that would have been enough for dessert....we should have ordered appetizers instead.

    The redesign of the restaurant is beautiful. Service was overly attentive. I would definitely go back (would like to try some other items, including the steak frites - which is served with yucca fries! - and the lobster enchiladas). Prices are on the higher end for the area (our dinner for two, no appetizers, two desserts, with only one person having a glass of wine, was $85).

    I can't compare it to Boxcar Cantina because I haven't been there in years. I think it was significantly better than Southwest Cafe in Ridgefield.

    1. This livens up Wilton's most moribund dining and drinking scene. Great bar, outside patio, and the two women who run the place and the lady ex chef are working their buts off to make this a unique interpretation of Mexican and Southwest cuisine, inclduing some Ct. twists!

      Not to be missed. And what an uprgrade from the Med restaurant at this spot.