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Jan 29, 2012 06:41 PM

need help re rehearsal dinner Charlotte

I'm a DC hound and need help for a late june rehearsal dinner in downtown charlotte. We need seating for 50-60 people, a patio or terrace or rooftop if possible. Goal: casual dining where people could mingle and enjoy a dinner, maybe buffet style. thanks for any ideas!

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  1. Although my last few meals (mostly brunch) there have been misses, Pewter Rose is a great place for a rehearsal dinner. They have a private room (might be too small for 50-60 - wow! that's a lot of people for a RD!) and a beautiful porch. Keep in mind it can be brutally hot in Charlotte in late June so you may want to focus on indoor venues. What part of the city will most of the guests be staying in? Where will the actual wedding be held?

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      Thanks for the response. The wedding is at the Levine Museum and the block of rooms for guests is at the Marriott City Center.

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        What a great spot for a wedding! You might want to look into having your party upstairs at Ri-Ra. I would think for 50 to 60 people they would close it off for you.There's a pretty terrace off the upstairs so guests could move in and out depending on the temperature. It's an Irish pub and people on CH in Charlotte make fun of me for definding it but I think the food is really good. Also, check out that link. I could swear the last time I was at Aria, we were not allowed upstairs because there was a private event. According to their site, group events are "Coming Soon" but it looks like they'll also do events in Founders Hall, which it's attached to. Founders Hall is gorgeous and Aria has been great every time I've gone.

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          I like Ri-Ra's but it is awfully casual. Which is fine, if that's what the OP is going for.

          What about Emeril's new restaurant E2? I saw a clip on Charlotte Today that showed what looked to be a private room. I'm not sure about outdoor space though. I know Halcyon has a gorgeous outdoor space overlooking downtown, but I'm not sure that it could hold 50-60 people.

          The only terrace that I know for certain would hold that many is the terrace at Village Tavern in Southpark. Here's a link, but there are no pics of the restaurant, unfortunately:

          Ooh, I forgot about The Ember Grille at The Westin. Good food and they have a terrace. Here's a link to a photo:!private-...

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            Aria does have a nice upstairs area and could probably do a special dinner buffet for you. It's not outside and has no view but could work for 50-60 people.

            Maybe if you clarify "casual" for us, we can come up with some other options. Also let us know how far you want to be from the Marriott -- walking distance?

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              Thanks for all the great ideas. "Casual" just means not dressy -- still looking for good food. Walking distance would be preferable, but for the right place we will put people in taxis, etc.

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                For the love of Pete! The owner of Ri-Ra owes me a gift certificate for all of the times I've defended that place. It's definitely casual, definitely within walking distance, has an outside terrace and I'll continue to defend the food. I think it's really pretty, especially since the remodel.

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                  Ha! I agree, you are owed at the very least a complimentary fish n' chips. ;-)

                  Sorry, didn't see the OP's mention of casual. Oopsy.

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                    i haven't been to Ri-Ra since the remodel - next lunch place perhaps?

                    Tennisguy, I don't think there are enough taxis in Charlotte for 60 people! :-)

                    Off-the-wall idea: Rent a party bus ( and go to the North Harbor Club on Lake Norman. They have a great lakeside patio and they'll work with you on a customized menu.

        2. Aquavina has a terrace overlooking the Green -

          1. How about the Mint museum uptown. Beautiful patio.

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              Just wanted to check back in and thank all the posters. We are going with Aria, which is 2 blocks from the hotel. Looking forward to a great time!