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Jan 29, 2012 05:54 PM

Wine pairings at George?

My SO and I will be going to George for our first time on Saturday, likely ordering the vegetarian tasting menu. What would Chowhounders advise concerning the wine pairing option? We are both fans of many levels of wine, and are generally interested by what a good sommelier will pair with food, but we are also happy to pick our own choices from a good wine menu and could probably do quite well for $80.

Any suggestions on whether to opt for the wine pairings?


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  1. My SO and I go to George several times a year and generally really know our way around a wine list. Having said that, we've also always been very happy with recommendations from JP (the GM at George) ... his picks are well advised based on what you're planning to order and he doesn't just go for the highest priced wine in your range - he truly picks what he thinks you'll enjoy most. So while others no doubt will also offer their opinion, if it were me, I would pose your very question to JP.

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      Thank you, Coco - that sounds like excellent advice! We may in the end seek advice on wines but not go for the official wine pairing package.

    2. Go for it! We had the pairing, and were given two constrasting wines with several dishes -- smaller pours obviously, but a great opportunity to explore some new food/wine matches.