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Jan 29, 2012 05:34 PM

Mr. Combo - Review

Went to Mr. Combo for my first time tonite. It was a Sunday nite and at 630 p.m this restaurant was packed to capacity (42 seats - I asked). Mr. Combo can be found on the north east corner of bathurst and sheppard and clearly it's a popular neighborhood restaurant.
I ordered a variety of Salads (babaganouj, beet, mushroom, hummus etc) and a platter that consisted of potato perogies and falafel balls.
Everything was tasty and fresh. I really cant complain.
I especially liked the babaganouj...something was in this recipe that was different than other babaganouj recipes that I have tried at other restaurants.
I will certainly be returning to try more of their menu.

Has anyone else tried this restaurant?

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  1. As it's the closest Russian/Israeli/Middle East resto to where I live, I've tried it a number of times - though not within the past six months or so. Everything they do is quite respectable - particularly the appetizers, as the OP has pointed out. But it's not especially distinctive. There are three or four similar menus around town that rate with me as a cut above, and worth driving a little further for. Still, if you live nearby, it's a solid choice at a decent price. Many of the tenants in nearby condos and seniors' housing make a regular stop there, so it's usually busy, and most everything seems fresh. Lousy, badly stored, overpriced wine list, like most Russian/Israeli spots, but then most of the clientele, while yearning for a taste of the old country, seem to be non-drinkers anyway. Though the house wine, as I recall, is drinkable.