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Jan 29, 2012 05:33 PM

First Underground Food Market of 2012 will be March 4th

From their facebook page
"I am very excited to announce our first TUM 2012 date. The first event of the year will take place on Sunday March 4th at the Evergreen Brick Works from 6-11pm. Tickets for TUM will go on sale on Friday February 10th. This event will be held indoors..."
They said they picked a Sunday so people from the restaurant industry could attend, future events will be on Saturdays.
Don' think I'll go to this one, but thought others would be interested.

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    1. I went to this - having been to the November and December events I'm starting to think I don't need to attend every one, but I always enjoyed them. I tried La Carnita - one each of the Voltron fish taco and the steak tartare on a tostada were delicious as usual. The problem with the freezing cold temperatures meant that nothing was hot by the time you got it into your mouth, so in that sense the steak was a good choice, but I preferred the fish. We also hit up Tiffinday for a sweet potato curried roti that was really delicious - they made the roti fresh to order. We tried the pork satays from, I think, Babi&Co and LOVED them - hot and delicious, the satay was wonderful and the pickles were a great compliment. Wasn't that impressed with the torta from Ese - way too much bun to meat, everything was ice cold, and I had barely any pork. Ditching the top bun and eating it open faced helped, but I wouldn't go back. LOVED the dumplings from FeasTO - quite small for the price but packed with flavour, with the pork and cabbage in broth being the highlight. Mama Nashi samosas are always a highlight, I eat them every time. The butter chicken with waffles was decent, but adding a bit of savoury to the waffle would have helped tie it together - the butter chicken was nicely spicy, though, and the waffle did serve to soak up all the extra sauce. Finished off with some macarons, although I can't remember the name and can't seem to find them on the map - they were pretty good although for next time I'd hope they'd invest in some more appropriate packaging - we ordered the "box" of 13 and were given a box of 10 and 3 piled into a napkin, another friend got their 4 for $8 deal and just got 4 in a napkin. Makes it a little inconvenient, especially if you wanted to take them home.

      Oh, and the tequila margaritas from Tromba were delicious but a full cup of ice with 2 inches of margarita in the bottom was a little ridiculous, especially considering that it was well below zero.

      Overall almost everything was delicious, this one felt more crowded than the previous ones, next time I'd hope for warmer weather but that's obviously not the organizer's fault (although maybe they should reconsider having them in the winter if they can't find an indoor location?), and if somebody had been selling mulled wine or even if Big Smoke had come back with coffee and cider they would have made a fortune.