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Jan 29, 2012 04:27 PM

I noticed there is a lot of talk about food at the Cosmo...

Is it just some good marketing or are the resto's really that good?

Should it be considered a good place to stay as well?


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  1. FYI This is strictly a food related site. The moderators delete threads and responses that are not related to such (ie staying at hotels.)

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    1. re: Eric

      FYI...I do know that.

      That's why I enquired about the legitimacy of the plethora of positive food reviews.

      Also there is a non-food related thread that perhaps in retrospect I could have posted this on considering the ill fated last inquiry.

      So I take it that you haven't eaten at any of the Cosmo's restos?


    2. I can't comment on the hotel as we haven't stayed there. We have eaten at Milo's for their awesome lunch deal and at the Secret Pizza Place. Both are very good, but at different ends of the dining spectrum. A quick search on the site will give you plenty to go by. BTW - folks that I work with have eaten at all of the restaurants at Cosmo and the only slightly negative I have heard was on Comme Ca and it had to do primarily with service.

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      1. re: Philber

        LOL...I did search their website...and funny...they have no mention of "secret pizza".
        But I did check out the other dining. They seem to hold an inordinate amout of resto's being touted here a very good or great.

        Might be the place to spend the day eating and gaming.

        Thanks for your input.


      2. Since the advent of the mirage, one upscale hotel seems to be 'it" -- an upscale hotel that is perceived as cooler than the competition. After the Mirage, it was Bellagio, than the Venetian, and later the Wynn. Cosmo is clearly the "it" hotel now. I think one reason for the success is that the Aria never attained this status, and there has been a long time since a hotel has been hot (and because the Encore and Palazzo are perceived as annexes to the Wynn and Venetian, respectively).

        When I was in Las Vegas in December, the Cosmo was the only hotel I visited that was packed. I think it's because, other than the casino, the place does feel different, especially in the food operation.

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        1. re: Dave Feldman

          Thank-you for that considered answer.

          As my brother works in the Arctic and rarely leaves this time of year, and has never been to Vegas, I want this to be spectacular. I would love to be somewhere IT, and tapped in to the zeitgeist, and since I'm not...well this answer helps tremendously.

          We both love food and would like to have to travel for every meal.

        2. I ate at the pizza place - nice to have a cheap option, Milos for the lunch deal - amazing, Holsteins - pretty good and the buffet - poor for the cost(everything was cold, even from the carving station).

          Will investigate the other food places next trip along with a repeat visit to Milos and maybe holsteins. They do have a good range of not overly pricey places.

          I'd stay there if I could afford a wraparound terrace suite, but I didnt like the casino and even less the service at the playerclub.

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          1. re: lipgloss

            thank-you. As I said above, this is a trip for my younger..(single) brother. Would love to come off as not a futzy ole lady!


          2. Yes, they are that good. Other hotels have really good restos, too. This one has a nice set going. STK for steak is solid, the sushi place is weak as most sushi bars in big hotels, Jaleo is worth a trip there and I've read the same good reviews on the other spots as you have. I have not stayed there, but really like staying at Aria, Wynn and a few other spots and heading over there for a fun night out. The bars are excellent for cocktails or people watching and it is a fun spot. That being said, I wouldn't stay there as its a little too "in" for me when the wee hours hit.

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            1. re: danieli10

              Thanks...looks like a couple nights here might be the ticket.

              Eat, gamble, drink...then move to a new hotel!

              The Nomad Guide to Vegas !