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Dim Sum

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Best dim sum in SGV? MIA.

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  1. For my money ...

    Cart-style: 888

    Menu-style: Seafood Harbour (or New Concept)

    1. the 2 that i go to the most are:

      full house in arcadia & 888 in san gabriel

      1. I like Empress Harbor in Monterey Park. My mom claims that if you ring up your check before 12 noon, they will take 20% off your check. However, I haven't verified this, yet.

        888 is also good.


        1. Would I be better off in Chinatown for dim sum?

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            No, I don't think so. I believe the dim sum is better in the San Gabriel Valley.

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              L.A.'s real Chinatown is the San Gabriel Valley. I don't think there's much worth going to at the "Chinatown" in L.A. Markets, restaurants, bookstores, everything-- find it in SGV.

            2. 888 is our all-time favorite for dim sum.

              1. Cart style: Capital Seafood (in same mall as Ranch 99 in Monterrey Park). I became a recent convert - better than 888 and Ocean Star (though both are great).

                Off-Menu: New Concept

                1. Any on the Westside/Santa Monica?

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                    Definitely no authentic or even half-decent dim sum on the West Side. You really need to go to the San Gabriel Valley. I've consistently heard that the dim sum in San Gabriel is superior to those available at Chinatown.

                  2. New Capital - the one in Rowland Heights (off the 60 on Nogales)... the other one just doesn't make its dim sum as well...

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                      New Capital in Rowland Heights is just a wonder: huge space on the 2nd floor with dozens of servers and carts. Very good, cheap, fast but special orders taken very graciously. Its very popular with the locals because the prices are so low - they certainly make up for that with the turnover. Weekends its jammed but I think they open at 10am. Good stop off for us on the way to Palm Springs because its within LA county and when its cold weather we can leave Devil Dog and his Missus in the car for a nap while we dim sum.

                    2. New Concepts!!! Even the (previous) manager of Sea Harbour Winson has moved over to New Concepts.

                        1. just ate ocean seafood this morning and i was a little disappointed. it wasn't completely awful but none of the food had any zing...i better start headin to sgv...

                          1. I really like Full House in Arcadia - very, very cheap dim sum and they have my favorite shrimp balls covered with rice. I also like New Capital or Capital Seafood on the corner of Garvey and ?? I'm not good with the street names over there. It's a new restaurant with lots of gold decorations.