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Jan 29, 2012 02:54 PM

Anyone been to the Lowell seafood market next to Hong Cuc?

I have no idea what its name is. The yogurt at The Frozen Spoon is wonderful, and Hong Cuc's banh mi sandwiches are out of this world. I have never been inside the seafood place and am wondering if the location is a trifecta. I usually get fish at H-Mart, where the only drawback is the language barrier. For anyone who shops at the Lowell market - how's the quality? Is it just seafood or are there meats, poultry, groceries? Is English spoken/understood there?

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  1. I went in once because you asked about it and I was curious. Never again though! Very dirty and rotten smelling place. No fish to speak of in the place, some huge sacks of steamers and periwinkles that were in a filthy, broken down, open top fridge (unit like you would see the beef presented in Market Basket). Three huge pools bins with water running in them to circulate, with no lobsters or fish to be found in them, water smelled gross. Assorted grocery items. I was in and out and could not deal with the stench. Place should be boarded up IMO.

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      Oh, my! I haven't been in Lowell since asking the question. Thanks for taking one for the team!
      Did you happen to try The Frozen Spoon, on the other side of Hong Cuc? Bright, clean, nice people and good frozen yogurt in interesting flavors and with many topping options.

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        Nope, looks nice though. Sounds too healthy for me :>)