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Jan 29, 2012 02:10 PM

Bigfoot 2012 Sightings?

It's set to be released by Sierra Nevada tomorrow (1/30/12). if somebody could email me at I promise to only buy a sixer and leave the rest for you to stock up on your next payday :-).

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  1. My industry informant from Saint Arnold tells me that it will be here within 2 weeks and in fair quantity.

    1. I picked up some yesterday at by local HEB (Slaughter & Escarpment)

      1. I saw it at Whip In tonight, for the south side hounds...

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        1. re: karma belle

          Thanks, both of you. I'll be getting some tomorrow. I don't necessarily like to drink it, I just need the bottles and caps. :-)

        2. Whole Foods @Gateway had a couple sixers on 2/13. Bottles & bottle caps, huh? :)