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Jan 29, 2012 01:58 PM


The Royal Mile Pub in Wheaton is closed! Does anyone know of another source for haggis. I am desperate!

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  1. I can't believe nobody knows where to get "Chopped hart n' lungs. Boiled in a wee sheeps' stomach."

    1. I'm sad that Royal Mile has closed. I had't heard. Was a great place for whiskey and beer tasting, if not for food.

      One of my favorite memories was of an afternoon spent there while we waited for the BF's son and his buddy went to the movies at the mall. The small and friendly group at the bar decided we needed to try the $24 beer from Scotland and pitched in to share.

      Haggis bf didn't think much of theirs. Actually preferred what was found at the highland games from the carts at the school.

      1. Agreed... is a shame. It has not been so long since it changed hands. Hopefully the old owners are holding a note and may consider reopening it after all the legal things are taken care of.

        As a source of haggis try Canned haggis is available on line. Buy the lamb version. Now this is not MacSween's of Edinburgh quality, but a reasonable substitute for a Highlander yearning for a taste on this side of the pond. (I won't get into the stupidity of the USDA banning the import of good Haggis. Or certain cheeses! )

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          The Rodman's Gourmet food and wine near White Flint Mall had canned haggis around New Year's. I'm not sure if it's still in stock.

        2. Is it truly closed for good?? Such a great single malt treasure house...