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Jun 16, 2006 11:12 AM

Good Mexican Restaurants in Thousand Oaks

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I would like chowhounds recommendations for Good Mexican Restaurants in the Thousand Oaks area of L.A. county. TIA

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  1. Chowhounds opinions are divided on this (as on most things LOL).

    We found the best in the area for authentic (not El Torito, Acapulco, etc.) is Lupe's on TO and Erbs. Many will disagree but we've tried them all and always come back to Lupe's. The only drawbacks are: No alcohol (No marugies or beer); it gets very crowded and loud (tables are all close together); and the decor needs updating.

    I prefer their Chili Colorado Burrito (wet) and although they use ground meat in their tacos they're still pretty good. My wife likes their tostada delux, also with the ground meat.

    I wasn't so impressed with the chili Verde but the enchiladas are okay.

    Other's have reported less than glowing reports, but we've never really had any problems with anything.

    If you find better, report back!

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    1. re: LesThePress

      I have to agree with you - Lupe's is ALWAYS my choice for mexican in TO if you're going for food and don't want to drink. If you want mediocre food and a fun drinking atmosphere, you can go to Chuys on Moorpark, but it's definitely more of a drinking establishment than a place you actually go to for food.

      1. re: OCElizabeth

        Actually, I should probably mention that if you're willing to drive about 5 to 10 minutes, a good place is Alamo Bar and Grill in Newburry Park. It's not far off the freeway (Bouchard exit, I believe).

        Stay away from the bar, go past the bar to the restaurant. The food, while not exceptional, is passable and the drinks were great!

        I've attached thier web site.


        1. re: LesThePress

          I hope its better than the Alamo in Agoura, b/c that one is YUCK! Good drinks though. I thought the Alamo was realllllly overpriced for what you get and not tasty at all. Even the chips were not good. The salsa was bland and salty and the guac was not fresh. The food went downhill from there. Personally I think you'd be better off at the Chili's in Westlake if you want that bar/restaurant atmosphere. There is a good market (called the Latino Market or something like that) on TO Blvd near the new Commons or whatever it's called. They have great meat for doing your own carne asada...yum!

          1. re: OCElizabeth

            I don't think the two Alamo's are related. If they are they're nothing like each other. The Newburry Park location is very good.

            I agree with you on the Latino Market, except it's not a dining location: a few tables inside a market that's right out of Mexico. You can't complain about the atmosphere because there just isn't any at all!

          2. re: LesThePress

            I second this reply! I've been there for their Taco Night, all U can eat, & their fajita night also, Good stuff!

        2. re: LesThePress

          Oh goodness, Lupe's is the worst kind of black velvet painting, greasy food American-Mexican out there. Think El Cholo - yuk.

          For the real deal, try Harold's House of Omelettes on TO Blvd near the Civic Arts Plaza. No joke - Harold is long gone and a wonderful Mexican family took the place over. Good breakfasts AND dinners, with chilaquiles and nopalitos on the menu as well as all the regular meat things.

          A bit more upscale and still very good is Los Agaves in the center on the corner of Conejo School Road and TO Blvd near the Civic Arts Plaza. Really tasty guacamole, zillions of tequilas, and good food in general.

          1. re: Snackish

            I'm with you on the Lupe's opinion. The one time I went there I peeked into the kitchen and they were pouring their chili verde straight out of a can. Definitely not the real deal.

            Los Agaves is my choice for sit down Mexican food as well. Also the chicken and carne asada tacos at the Guadalajara grocery are awesome and are 89 cents each for a quick mexican food fix.

          2. re: LesThePress

            The Alamo Bar & Grill! In Agoura though, close to T.O.


            1. re: LesThePress

              I woul highly recommend La Paz in Agoura Hills. Best Mexican food I've ever had, bar none, and a great deal, too!

              1. re: LesThePress

                All these votes for Lupe's make me want to put my head on the table and weep, especially when Harold's House of Omelettes is just a few short blocks away. I know it sounds nuts to call a Mexican place "Harold's House..." but the name was grandfathered in and the people who run the place are fabulous Mexican cooks.

              2. I agree on Los Agaves, especially for Thursday night mariachi night. The kids really like it. Although Cisco's in Westlake was not good food, we have really miss the margaritas and the patio on Friday nights since it's been gone (burned). Does anyone know what is happening to the location?

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                1. re: didi

                  The rumor is that the owners of P6 plan to open an upscale sushi place on the spot.

                2. Gee, I forgot the Alamo.

                  Cast another vote for Lupe's. There were a couple of years where I was eating there a few times a month. The chips and salsa -- so good.

                  But again, I don't drink. At least, I don't need to.

                  Anybody have any experience with El Tecalote in Newbury Park? My family used to drive there from Ventura in the '50s, and I was recently amazed to discover that it's still there.

                  1. Thousand Oaks is actually in Ventura County... just to clarify.

                    Lupe's is good, for Mexican around T.O. I like Pollo Norteno in Simi Valley, but they're not a fancy sit-down place. They also have cerveza.

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