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Jan 29, 2012 11:29 AM

Queso fresco - Detroit/Ann Arbor area

Hi all - I'm trying to find queso fresco for pork tacos a la Rick Bayless. Struck out at Trader Joe's, Hillers, etc. Anyone know where I can find it? I'm guessing Zingerman's would have it, but I'm afraid of the price point I'd hit there. Thanks!

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  1. If you mean ordinary packaged queso fresco, then Honey Bee, E&L, Azteca and Prince Valley, all in southwest Detroit would have various brands of it, as would Carnival Market in Pontiac. Y*lp has listings for all of the above.

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      Thanks very much - will definitely have to drive out to southwest to visit some of these - I should've thought of Honey Bee!

    2. In Ann Arbor, I have bought it at Hillers and Busch's many times.....maybe Hiller's was out the day you were there.

      1. Thank you both! That's very helpful. I did call the Ann Arbor Hiller's, and they confirmed they have it. The Busch's said they don't carry it; they're either out, or the people I talked to didn't know what they were talking about. Hiller's outside of Ann Arbor (at least the Plymouth and Northville ones) do not carry it.

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          In the deli area of most/all Meijer's they have a cooler in the aisle (not behind the counter) which carries "artisan"cheeses, and they have queso fresco and queso blanco.

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            +1 on the Southwest Detroit suggestions. There are at least a half-dozen Mexican & Latin supermarkets there, all of which will carry at least a few varieties of queso fresco. Their prices will probably beat anywhere else.

            But as VTB says, most Meijer locations carry it in the "fancier" cheese aisle/cooler. Same goes for most good Krogers.

            Don't bother wasting $ on queso fresco (especially if you're just using it on tacos) from a place like Zingerman's or Whole Foods.

        2. +1 for the suggestions of La Colmena and Carnival Market. If you're doing Mexican, both of those places are totally worth a trip.

          And Carnival Market has the BEST housemade tortilla chips, better than La Colmena IMO.

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            If you're out Ann Arbor way, Dos Hermanos in Ypsi would surely have it.

            I was just browsing ads and noticed some of the southwest Detroit markets have it on sale this week--




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              Dos Hermanos would have it, so would Tienda de Libertad by LIberty and Stadium.

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                Thanks very much for all the terrific suggestions! I am excited about all of these new markets to try!

          2. they have 3 kinds at Hillers....I just checked yesterday.

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              Yes, thank you for checking in person! I do now know the A2 Hillers carries it. A shame the Hillers in the western suburbs don't.