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Jan 29, 2012 11:20 AM

You've won the lottery - what will you be eating?

I'll have a very nice prosciutto around from now on for the 2 of my kids who love ham. I'll always have lots of dried fruit and nuts because they like those a lot too. Probably be going to south Florida pretty often for seafood and Cuban. Only the best chocolate for me from now on. And I will never buy store brand butter again. Or anything else for that matter. What about you? (oh, and I'm buying a new bread machine too).

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  1. I'll be eating whatever my live-in chef prepares.

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    1. re: ferret

      Me too! Plus lots of high-end sushi and more frequent than now trips to very high-end restaurants in general.

    2. This one is easy.
      #1 I would take a salmon fishing trip to Alaska or New Brunswick and pay the way for some friends to come with me. I would eat tons of salmon. If I go to New Brunswick I would fish on the Mirimichi River same as Ted Williams did each year. I would raise a glass of the best Canadian wine to him. A man who had his priorities right!
      #2 I would take a trip to Alaska or Patagonia when king crab is coming in. Would rent a place with a kitchen and eat nothing but King crab for a week. Cooked by me. I'm not sure how the logistics would work out. Maybe you can't even rent places with kitchens there...but this would be my plan

      The Land of King Crab: Patagonia

      1. "Only the best chocolate for me from now on."

        lol lol lol Served on a silver platter by your butler along with some tea and fresh raspberry scones made by your private chef

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          Mmmm...raspberry scones. But I'm not drinking tea in this fantasy. I'll be having Champagne with my fine chocolate and raspberry scones.

          1. re: silvergirl

            sounds much sexier and better for your ....... complexion.

        2. Healthy food. Because now that I've won the lottery I am absolutely sure that my health is about to get hit by lightening.

          To quote Hyman Roth (aka Hyman Rothstein, aka Hyman Suchowski) : "Important thing is, that you're alright. Good health -- the most important thing in the world. More than success, more than money -- more than power."

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          1. re: Sonny_Funzio

            Oh, you remind me of a story my mom used to tell. My mom grew up fairly poor. Her dad was a barber, her mom worked at the tomato canning factory or stayed home with the kids and cleaned houses on the side. My father, on the other hand, was from a relatively affluent family (they had a maid, they owned a vacation home, middle class, but upper middle...) When my mother and father were first married she told him that never in her whole life had she had all the bacon or Spanish peanuts that she wanted...they were both luxury items in short supply. The next weekend she woke up to the smell of bacon frying. My father was in the kitchen, he'd purchased ten pounds of bacon and was determined to keep frying until she said she'd had enough. I never really knew my dad, he died when I was barely two years old, but that story always touched me, and made me feel like I knew a little bit, at least, about how he felt about her.

            1. re: tonifi

              Aww that is such a sweet story!! And a great story to have of your Dad!

              1. re: tonifi

                That brought a tear to my eye. What a nice memory.

                1. re: tonifi

                  Tonifi, I'd say your Mom won the lottery when she married your Dad.

                  DH and I would move to Provence and just wallow in that wonderful sun-kissed produce, We'd live in the countryside not too far from Aix. We would stock our cool cellar with lovely French wines, shop every day at the local farmers' market, and eat local cheeses every night for dessert..

                  Whenever the spirit moved us, which would be often, we would board the fast train to our apartment in Paris for however long we felt like staying. Every morning we would make our bakery rounds for breakfast, all the while discussing where we would make reservations for dinner. We would spend the hottest months back home in Vermont in our lakeshore cabin.

                  When we got tired of doing all that, we would retire to our seaside retreat in Maine and concentrate on losing weight.

                  1. re: tonifi

                    That is all kinds of awesome. : ) Your dad sounds wonderful!

                    1. re: tonifi

                      Food aside, this post made me cry. Coming from 3 sets of parents..,17 marriages...don't ask ...among them with every half/step sib divorced... this post lifted my heart. With that being said, the rocky family has made for cuisine infusion. My mom picked up Danish cuisine. My stepmom, born and bred in NoLA has taught me a mean roux, bbq shrimp, and jambalaya. Oh and I have mid-western and SoCal influences. With all of that being said, my money would be to hire a personal trainer.,,

                      1. re: tonifi

                        Thanks for sharing this lovely family story.

                        1. re: tonifi

                          Tonifi, that's lovely. What a dad, what a husband. I'm sorry you didn't get to know him. This made me cry. (Did he get her some peanuts, too? I hope so.)

                      2. Hmmm.... I would definitely splurge for heirloom beans and exotic grains... both beyond my budget at this time. I would ONLY get my produce from farmers markets (I'd be able to travel to good ones, since I have only a few crappy ones near me now... The one in Courthouse in Arlington, VA comes to mind.... Love those PA mushroom farmers!!) I'd be able to get the best cheeses (damn cheese gets expensive... I make a cheese plate and it's the most expensive part of the meal!!). I'd be able to stock my pantry with all the condiments and spices that I need to be able to make whatever dish I want, since the cost to get it all at once makes me less likely to make, for instance, a great soba noodle salad. I'd get great wines to stock my wine fridge and cellar. Weird that it's pretty simple looking stuff, but I would be getting the best quality possible. Not crazy fancy stuff, just the GOOD stuff.