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Jan 29, 2012 11:15 AM

Dinner for About 30 In Portland?

Looking for ideas for place for dinner on a Saturday night for about 30 people. I know about the function room downstairs at Grace. Wondering what other restaurants might accomodate a reservation for that many people. It is a social function, and not a formal meeting, so we do not need a separate room. We would need to be seated at adjacent tables ( 6 and 8 tops). Would be looking for menu with both seafood and some meat entrees. The restaurants that are my favs and that I usually recommend - Fore St, Hugos, Brescas -would not take that large a reservation, esp on a Saturday night. Wondering if 555 would? Any other suggestions for this size group? Thanks.

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  1. David's? Ri Ra? Bull Feeney's? DiMillo's?

    These are all places that I've been to for corporate Christmas parties, so I know they accommodate groups.

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      I participated in something similar at East Ender. It was a good space.

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        Just attended a private function upstairs at Ri Ra. It seems their entire upstairs can be portioned off easily to accommodate a variety of group sizes, and I expect they could also handle large reservations.

      2. The upstairs at RiRa is very nice, great views, pretty good food. Pepperclub also has a back room and an interesting, varied menu.

        1. We're doing a similar event in the back room at Sonny's on Exchange this coming Saturday evening. They will set the room apart for the event, multiple tables (although we're doing a buffet of their many tasty pas).