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Jan 29, 2012 11:12 AM

Options for a Montreal Foodie in London

Hello everyone:

I'm a Montreal foodie who travels often and likes to find great "local" spots that are delicious but not ridiculously priced. I also enjoy high-end dining when I can afford it but I'm a student so it's usually once per trip. In Montreal we are blessed with an extremely vibrant and also inexpensive casual gourmet scene. I've found it to be totally possible to find restaurants that impress and also suit my restrictions in almost every city I've travelled to, except in London I've been almost always disappointed! I'm heading back for ten days at the end of the month and I'm hoping some local foodies could point me in the right direction for great places to try. To give a reference point, I'll list some places I've been:

Ramsay's Maze- great but too expensive for me!

Nopi near Carnaby street- loved it and would go back, but also expensive

Asakusa near mornington crescent- went the first time it was closed and went back a second time in search of great izakaya but found it to be fairly disappointing

Bumbles off buckingham palace road- thought it was fairly innovative in terms of their take on some classic menu items but was seriously unimpressed by the outright rude and incompetent waitstaff.

Ebury Wine Bar in Belgravia- Thought this was good albeit a little overpriced around the holiday season

Princi in Soho- GREAT place for lunch and would go back

Tayyabs- Liked this place well enough although I probably won't go back during my next trip

I know that those are a very strange assortment of places but I wanted to give an idea of the kind of things I liked also to prove that I'm willing to go far for food that people recommend to be worthwhile. I'm hoping to build that list with some favorites of other travellers or locals. Please respond if you have any suggestions whatsoever. I'll be staying at Liverpool Street station just outside of Spittalfields market but like I said, there is no distance too far to discover a great restaurant!

Thank you in advance for replies!

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  1. You have St Johns Bread close by - their 6.00PM menu is both affordable and really, really interesting.
    Classical London things in the area are Indian on Brick lane and Vietnamese on Kingsland rd. But you prob already know that if you have been to London a few times. I'd personally go for the Vietnamese option over the curry, but hey, that is just me.
    Pizza east for great pizzas, S&M cafe for good bangers and mash, or go to the wig wam on the Queen of Hoxton rooftop and get a bratwurst from the firepit (yes, it is a real Indian tent on top of a bar).
    Go to Nude for a take away coffee, but avoid the weekend brunch (good, but confused service).
    And if you want to splurge - go to Nuno Mendes Viajante in Bethnal Green.

    St John Bread & Wine
    94 Commercial St, Poplar, Greater London E1 6, GB

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    1. re: malino

      Good suggestions from Malino (although S&M cafe has sadly closed)

      Given the area I'd definitely head for some Vientnamese - there are loads of Kingsland Road area options discussed elsewhere.

      The Corner Room at Bethnal Green - same chef and building as Viajante but much better value given what you've said about your budget. Cannot recommend it enough.

      Allpress for a coffee is great.

      Hawksmoor spitalfields the best steak in London in my opinion, even those who disagree with that would almost certainly agree it was up there.

      The Delhi Grill is my favourite indian food/experience. Always full and incredibly nice staff.

      If you are looking for value then the Wild Honey/Arbutus/Les Deux Salons stable are the best for pre-theatre menus and I've had an awesome post-theatre dinner at LDS - tartate, rabbit and their ile-flotante for £17.95 or thereabouts.

      1. re: ManInTransit

        I agree with every recommendation from Man - was at Hawksmoor on Sunday for their burger and triple cooked chips and it certainly lives up to the hype. Also love Corner Room, but not so much Viajante.

        St John Bread and Wine is also lovely, good spot for breakfast.

        If you want to spend a bit more, Galvin La Chapelle just off Bishopsgate is great.

    2. Check this one out.... There are lunch specials at Haozhan - excellent Cantonese food in Chinatown. I was just there last week, and it never disappoints. I'd also check out Dishoom for lunch. Deux Saisons has an early dinner special menu - something like £16 or so.