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Jan 29, 2012 11:09 AM

Excellent steak tartare @ The Bountiful Cow, Holborn, London

Good balance between the beef and the sweet sour notes from chopped gherkins, and perhaps onion and shallot, a rendition that emphasises the beef, coarsely chopped, a medium meaty flavour, savoury and mellow.

Sirloin on bone was a solid rendition, on the medium side of medium rare, fair good flavour, the fibres dense, ropey and meaty. Decent chips and the green peppercorn sauce that was slight too sweet for me. In the realm of very good but not great.

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  1. Agreed. I had a steak tartare there about 1 year ago, having started out with a few pints at their sister pub - the Seven Stars - and it was truly the best I've had in London and on a par with the best in Paris. Thanks for bringing it back to life in my memory which is not what it used to be. BTW, try the herring at Seven Stars....you will be mightily surprised.

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      Thanks for the Steven Stars herring tip, will do the next time I'm in the area.