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Jan 29, 2012 10:50 AM

What's Open for Lunch on Monday in Portland?

Meeting a friend in Portland for lunch on a Monday. Want a place where we can talk and relax, with good food - so not Duckfat (altho I love it, not a place to linger and chat). Last time we met at Green Elephant, which was terrific, but would like to try somewhere different. Also, have gone to Grill Room for lunch and wasn't impressed. Maybe Corner Room? Other suggestions?

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  1. Don't want to be a broken record on this forum but how about Nosh? Might get a little too loud but still bigger than Duckfat (and fries just as good even though everyone on this board will argue against that).

    My other go lunch spots are Paciarino and The Crooked Mile.

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      I happen to rank Nosh's fries right up there with Duckfat - I find myself going back and forth on which I like more. It can get loud but I don't think that would be a problem on a Monday afternoon. I've been a few times for a late lunch (after 1PM) and the place was pretty quiet.
      Pai Men Miyake noodle bar is another place where you're encouraged to linger.

      1. re: grittys457

        Finally did try Nosh and loved it! We've eaten there 3 times, and plan to go back again soon. Love the bacon dusted fries, as well as the excellent oyster po'boy and also falafel sandwich. Also prices are very reasonable.

      2. Thanks for suggestions. We ended up going to Walter's and had an excellent and leisurely lunch. Still want to try Nosh, but wanted somewhere quiet this time. Will definitely try Nosh at some point!