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Jan 29, 2012 10:46 AM

Riverdale Suggestions?

Lunch or dinner. Kid-friendly.

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  1. Carlos and Gabby's is kid friendly, as is Cafeccino Bakery on W 231st Street (Cafeccino is by far my favorite pizza place in the northeast--they have other food there too). There isn't much eating room at Cafeccino but it's worth the visit - just be sure to call in advance and find out about dinner as sometimes they close early.

    Corner Cafe is also a nice place and they recently relocated to Riverdale Avenue since they just opened a sister shop, Corner Grill, next door (I haven't been there yet). If you have kids under 2, just note that Corner Cafe does NOT have boosters or highchairs so you should bring your own.

    Riverdelight and Ginger Grill, respectively on Johnson Avenue and Riverdale Avenue, are also relatively nice - little more 'upscale' but still fine for kids.

    1. I second Carlos & Gaby's for the allowance of general kid mayhem and decent fleishigs. As both a chef and someone born and bred in Texas on the border with Mexico, I can tell you that the food is about as authentic as Taco Bell.....BUT, everything is made fresh, the portions are large and priced really reasonably....(I recommend the sizzling short ribs) If you would rather got for milchigs, there is a pizza joint called Judean Hills about 100 feet away from C&B that is your basic NY Pizza and Sushi joint. Again, nothing mind blowing, but the service is fast and with a smile, and kid friendly... absolutely.

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        I second Judean Hills as a kid friendly place, though it's not the best pizza joint in the neighborhood.

        Also, in case you want more eateries to add to the Riverdale list, I can say that I got takeout from Corner Grill tonight - I hear it's small though so I'm not sure about accommodations, and there's also Two Cousins Burger on W 231. The portion sizes at Two Cousins Burger used to be much bigger but the food is good. I wasn't too thrilled with my takeout from Corner Grill though since their schwarma with salad and fries doesn't really come with fries (the guy on the phone tonight told us after we inquired about that portion that "it may come with 1 or 2 fries on top") and I ordered falafel with hot sauce but barely got any type of sauces (chummus or tehina), let alone hot sauce... they said they were sorry for the inconvenience and may give me a dessert or something next time, but that's a real bummer. Also, the wait was 45 minutes so we got 5 cookies to make up for it. Therefore, that may not be the best place for hungry children.

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          I wish that I had been warned about this (re: gotcholent's assessment of their authenticity). I was raised on SF Mission veggie burritos and was so excited to go there. Major disappointment but not good food if you compare it with other kosher casual places. I got a vegetable burrito and some of my "grilled" vegetables were totally raw, including chunks of onion.

          One thing to consider is that their seating is very limited. My husband and I went with our inlaws and getting a place to sit actually took tactical planning, as I found out when someone shoved me aside to claim a table. There was also nowhere to stand and wait for food that wasn't in the middle of everything. Be prepared to eat in the car.

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            Carlos and Gabby's is one of the larger places in Riverdale for seating. Seems like you went during peak time, though, and that's expected of a popular eatery in these parts.

        2. We went to Carlos and Gabby's yesterday late afternoon with the gantze mishpoche, and there was something for everyone,:the carnivore son-in-law, the always skinny dieting daughter, the picky, picky grandchildren, and the fussy grandfather who is a foodie and likes all his food very fresh, tasty, and the meat tender and well-prepared.

          Portions were generous, and even tasted delicious when the leftovers were reheated later at home.

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          1. re: helou

            We ended up at Carlos and Gabby's too. Kid-friendly was an understatement. There was one couple on a date and my husband and I said that the dining experience must have been a real wake-up call as to their future life. My goodness. Loads of children. Many families ordered the Nacho platter which was substantial and quite attractive. We appreciated that the prices were reasonable, portion size good, food fresh. As for the whole Mexican thing, that was quite a disappointment for us. Very American fast-foodish as Gotcholent stated. Also, the Buffalo Zingers turned out to be Regular chicken tenders with a hot sauce on the side. That, to me, and to the children at the table next to us was a surprise. Why not actually make them with the hot sauce so they are in fact "Zingers?" Anyway, the kids were happy and we did get there early enough to get a table. Later on, though, pandemonium ensued. I will say that staking out a table at a fast-food restaurant is good old NY-style etiquette. We just do that. We were asked by a polite older woman if she could have our table and she did stand over us which was fine with us. Another young couple (Cloggie girl?) was quite upset about that. It's how we roll around these parts. Also, we stopped into the candy store across the street and were pleased to see they had some parve Gelatto. The kids each were given a 2 dollar budget for their candy bags and kept to the requirements. We felt like we had scored a Super Bowl-like victory.

            1. re: cappucino

              The Candy Box is a great little gem in this neck of the woods.

              And their PB froyo (milchig) is awesome.

          2. What's the best food if you don't care about ambiance, just food, and only grownups are involved. For dinner. Dairy or meat. any cuisine.

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              Ari's (gotcholent) house is the best for food :) but then, i'm spoilt. i would suggest the takeout counter (parve) at Shoshi's market, and Second Helping - if you pick carefully.