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Jan 29, 2012 09:49 AM

Kitchen re-build

I thought I would post a couple of before and during photos of the re-do we went through a while back. Can't find anything that is 100% complete.

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  1. :D

    Hi buddy,

    These are really nice photos. The new kitchen looks much bigger. Congratulation. It looks like you also have a new gas stove, island counter, ovens and refrigerator...etc. I also see you have two sets of knives in your old kitchen closet. :) What I do like about your old kitchen is that you have metal sheet around your stove all the way up to the exhaust fan. That is really nice for cleaning up, especially for people who does high temperature cooking.

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      Hi back at you. It was quite the project. It is large at 21' X 26' and we do all the family holiday dinners in the kitchen. I referenced it a couple of times earlier when folks were agonizing over a remodel. The house was/is old and was a fixer upper (our first and last home of our own). Everything in it including me and the wife were old. Kept her, kicked out out the west wall and enlarged. New kitchen, same wife. Life is good!!

      The knives are the old Chicago cutlery. The range is the BS, 8 burner. Cabinets hickory. The little side windows by the range is my make up air unit.

      I just found a photo of our high end pot rack, complete with a dog bed near the kitchen table.

      I did a lot of opining on this site and thought it was time to put up or shut up. Glad you enjoyed.

      Six months of headaches and worth it.

      1. re: dcrb

        Is it 100% completed now? It looks like to me. That is a lot of pots and pans. I am sure your wife is very glad that you kept her. :P

        Where will the sink be? Will it be at the island counter? I hope it is not too far from your prep station and burners. Glad you have a TV in your kitchen. :)

        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          Me and the wife are best friends. Have been for decades. And now empty nesters.

          The kitchen has been finished since late spring 2009. The island has a sink and in the same picture there is a sink under the window visible on the right. The recessed area in the island is the dough station, a few inches lower than the counter so you can really lean into your work.

          1. re: dcrb

            "and in the same picture there is a sink under the window visible on the right."

            :) Now I see it. Cool.

    2. I'm really torn about whether to respond or just let it slide, but.... You knew I was going to say that, didn't you? At this juncture, you are obviously locked in, HOWEVER... One of the many careers I've had in my 78 years was as an interior designer, interior design instructor and an architectural consultant. The biggest flaw I see in your new kitchen is your refrigerator/oven placement. You've left yourself no handy counter surface to set hot things on when taking them out of the oven, much less a handy place for several cake pans going into the oven. The island really isn't close enough to limit heat loss when putting in layer pans of cake batter, for instance. I sort of have a feeling you may be realizing that now... That's a really nice job on the expansion! Sorry if I rained on your parade but in the interest of other readers who might emulate what you've done, I just felt I had to comment. I would suggest a kitchen cart, but if you're like me, everytime you wanted to use it you'd have to clear a bunch of stuff off it! Enjoy your kitchen! '-)

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      1. re: Caroline1

        Thanks for the input. We do have a butcher block cart in front of the wall oven (not shown here) and it gets regular use. Plenty of counter space on either side of the range which has 1 full and 1/2 oven. We went thru this coulda, shoulda, woulda ourselves. You input is much appreciated and thank you. We spent so much of our adult lives bouncing around in the military with very old and tiny kitchens that my wife wanted something wide open that many "helpers" would not get in each other's way (nearly works most of the time), and be large enough for all to sit down and eat. Probably did put too much space between certain areas but the exercise is good of us. Thanks again for the kind words. Stick around, I'm sure you will be busy with ideas and advice for others. Take care.

        1. re: dcrb

          I'll share a trade secret with you. No matter how much thought you put into a kitchen before you live in it, there will ALWAYS be something you want to change once you start living with the reality. If you only find one, good job! Happy cooking! You've got a great partnership there!

          1. re: Caroline1

            No doubt about it. I am blessed.

      2. Thanks for the picture of the pot shelving; I love looking at cookware. You must do quite a bit of roasting; I was reflecting today on how rarely I use the roasting pan, and here you have four or five of them. But then, you have two ovens. Do you often have multiple roasters in use?

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        1. re: ellabee

          Yes. We do a lot of food prep and cooking in advance, mostly on weekends and eat "leftovers" all week long as well as taking some for lunch at work each day. Invest a little time, save a lot of time. Thanks for asking.