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Jan 29, 2012 09:35 AM

finger limes/caviar limes in los angeles?

looking for some of these to test some recipes---they are supposed to be in season jan/feb, although this weird weather may have affected the crop. anyone seen them recently? TIA!

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  1. Have you checked the SMFM on Wednesday. There is usually a stand up in season, I didn't specifically check last week but that is where I'd go. Of course if you know someone with an LA Specialty acct they are easier to get ;)

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      You can always try DiOggi produce too if you don't have time, he can usually find stuff or go to the market for you. They work with a lot of small restaurants.

    2. i saw some in November this year at Whole Foods and the Wednesday SMFM also in November. If you contact the farm that they come from, they do respond with where and when to get them.

      1. thanks to both...following up on all suggestions.

        1. aha! shanley farms website sheds some light:
          UPDATE JANUARY 8, 2012: OUT OF FINGER LIME INVENTORY. Due to extreme frost damage to the finger lime trees Shanley Farms will not be shipping finger limes for the next 2-3 weeks. The freeze caused all mature fruit to drop off of the trees and fall to the ground leaving only small and immature fruit on the trees.
          there is at least one other distributor in the santa barbara area--contacted them over the weekend, and awaiting a reply. perhaps their crop was not as adversely affected as they are farther south.