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Jan 29, 2012 09:11 AM

Alameda Acapulco's Reopening

I know many have not missed the closing of the old Alameda standby, Acapulco. But I've got very fond memories of the dank interior, canned chili sauce and gelatinous (but humungous) entrees. Seriously. I grew up in Alameda. During my day, that restaurant was the best thing on the "island" and hordes of people waited outside for a table.

Mike (owner of Paradise Grill and Best Burger in San Leandro and Paradiso at Willow Park in Castro Valley) has purchased Acapulcos and is revamping the interior and the food. He's purchased the recipes, but says that, while he'll use them as a basis, he plans to include homemade sauces, etc.

Planning permits, etc. are troublesome in Alameda, but he hopes to open in March.

Also, NO MORE wine margaritas. He's working on the liqour license, too.


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  1. 35 years ago it was the bomb. Stood in line many times. That place would put a serious hurt on you (in a good way) if you pigged out and finished your platter...

    1. Any updates on this re-opening?

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      1. re: foodeye

        I recently saw that they were sponsoring some local event - I don't recall, it could have been something at the Alameda County Fair, or another event, so it would seem that they are trying to keep their name in the public eye.

        1. re: lmnopm

          They're on the list for the Urban Wine Experience on 8/18 at Rock Wall.

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              Here is the most recent, if you want some of the old menu items from a different location...I have not tried it; if you do, please report back!


      2. Any news on when it may reopen? I drove by the other day and it looked like it was ready (from the outside)

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        1. re: DinkyDoo

          Looks like the liquor license is in place. Probably just waiting for some Alameda city inspections.

        2. They did a soft open/invite only last Saturday and are planning to open tomorrow, 8/27. As promised above, there is now a full bar!