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Jan 29, 2012 08:59 AM

Roasted garlic bread (frozen)

Hi, I used to love presidents choice bake-your-own roasted garlic bread in toronto but it was recalled in Ontario, where can I find it in east newton,Surrey(72 &king george)? Or if you know of better frozen breads/pastries,please let me know. The p.c bread has impoted french flour,white wine and you can see roasted garlic bits in the bread,it made me be a foodie,its that good. Thanks for helping me find it!

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  1. Costco has a fairly nice bake-your-own garlic "bread", more like a "loaf" that's filled with chunks of roasted garlic.

    1. Has anyone found the P.C Baked by You Roasted garlic bread anywhere in or around Vancouver or Surrey please? It looks like this and its the best thing i ever ate in my life.

      1. find one of the stores that carries PC products out here - incl Superstore, Super Valu, etc

        the super valu i go to has great customer service - and they will bring in some of the PC product upon request.

        so find a super valu and go and ask the manager - take the SKU or print out of the product you are looking for

        again - just google "super valu" (no e on valu) - it's hard to find now - i think there's one on commercial and then out in the valley too. The Edgemont Village one is changing to a Thrifty (or has changed) from what i understand