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Jan 29, 2012 08:54 AM

Frozen croissants in Surrey

Hi, I am looking for top quality frozen croissants in Surrey (east newton-72 and king george),does anyone know where I can find them please?

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  1. Im still looking for bake-your own frozen you know of any in Vancouver please?

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      does Costco still have those good bake-at-home croissants - in freezer section?

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        East Village Bakery on Hastings has just started selling frozen ones. Call ahead.

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          ps - i see that someone on this Vanc/BC thread has said they purchase the bake-at-home croissants from Whole Foods - i usually go to one in Park Royal (West Van) but have not checked for this product

        2. Willingdon Costco sells frozen croissants, approx. $45 for 144. I wouldn't say they are top quality though - more bready than flaky but definitely cheap. Not all Costco locations carry them (Richmond and Downtown locales do not). The ones at Whole Foods are good but pricey. I recall them being $12-ish for 6. Some stores (Stong's, Urban Fare) carry a brand called Delifrance. I think they have recently been re-branded as Cool & Simple. Comes in plain or chocolate. 5 croissants for approx. $6. No need to proof, just bake from the freezer.

          1. do you shop in Bellingham?
            i think that Trader Joe's has a bake-at-home croissant product
            it seems to get good reviews but not sure if avail in our region

            looking fwd to hearing your reviews