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Jan 29, 2012 08:49 AM

Hudson Valley Wing Bowl 5 coverage

hey was anyone else at the Wing Bowl last night in Fishkill? Here is my write up of the event:

It's Always a Good Time at Angelo Notaro's Wing Bowls. This years Bowl was to be at The Ramada Conference Center is Fishkill, NY. We arrived to a completely packed house, we knew right away when we noticed the extremely large parking lot fuller then a WalMart parking lot at Christmas. We finally made our way inside and easily purchased our tickets and entered the venue.
It's such an impressive feat for one man to put something that has become this large scale together. Angelo has clearly worked his magic once again. Our only complaints about this years popularity was the over crowding. We found the extremely long lines took away from the enjoyment. It was also shoulder to shoulder in some areas making it hard to even pause to consume our food. Needless to say we made it happen and the food was great.

Our Picks for Winners at the Event:

Hottest Sauce without a doubt this one goes to Crossroads Deli from Mahopac, NY. Not one other competitor had a hot sauce anywhere near their level, in fact they may have been the only ones who took this category seriously. Our second pick for hottest sauce would go to Planet Wings for their suicide sauce.

Best Buffalo style sauce we have two picks for this. Tommy Stevens Buffalo sauce was absolutely quite possibly the best Buffalo style sauce I ever had. His chicken was also cooked perfectly and fell right off the bone. Our second pick is Hobnobin Pub's Garlic Hot Sauce, it was such a great blend of flavors, we can't wait to visit them on our Wing Tour.

I'd also like to point out how much we enjoyed 3 Little Pigs BBQ, they had the largest wings I have ever had, very meaty and well smoked.

Most Creative Sauce There were too many to choose from. Our favorite was the Bacon Ranch flavor that I believe came from Bulls Horn Inn (all though I could be wrong)

Biggest Disappointment Billy Joe's Rib Works. While I have visited their restaurant many times and loved it, man did they upset us by running out of wings early. We felt cheated that BJRW ran out of wings so early in the night and seemed to have shut their booth down. They should have came more prepared and we lost out on this booth tonight.

What a fun time we had tonight. There's nothing we enjoy more then wings and being able to try them fro all these amazing places in one night was amazing. We look forward to the next Wing Bowl (hopefully in a larger venue) and we congratulate Angelo Notaro and organizing another jaw dropping event.

there were about 9 or 10 wing booths giving out an average of 3-4 wings, it was a delicious night!

full photo album here:

Crossroads Deli
1821 Lucas Avenue Ext, Cottekill, NY 12419

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  1. I was there! Crossroads was one of the booths I didn't get to. I was not impressed by the hotness of the wings this year so I'm sad I missed it. I didn't go to the Planet Wings booth b/c I've had their wings many times, but yes their Suicide is very hot. Last year I thought there were many better buffalo wings. This year the chefs were trying to get overly creative it seemed.

    I thought Mama Theresa's had the best buffalo wing. I also enjoyed the Hobnobbin's hot garlic sauce, but thought their wings were too tough and stringy. Probably just a bad batch b/c when I've eaten at their restaurant the wings were always very good. Billy Joe's Ribworks and 3 Little Pigs had very delicious smoked/bbq wings, sorry you didn't get to try Billy Joe's, that's frustrating that they ran out. I also enjoyed all three of Tommy Stevens's wing styles, especially the jerk chicken, it was spicy with a delicious flavor!

    I was disappointed that The Publick House wasn't there, last year I really liked their wings and they had the hottest one last year in my opinion.

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      yeah I loved Tommy's Jerk flavor! I must say the chicken planet wings was using was actually quite large and tasty, completely unlike the planet wings in my town and they also gave out the most flavors I think they gave me 6 wings.