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Jan 29, 2012 08:45 AM

The kitchen gift I didn't think I'd use, but...

...but it ended up being something I embrace every time I use it, which is fairly often. I'm talking about a non-stick electric griddle my kids gave me a few years ago. The only griddle I'd ever had before was one that was an insert on my old Jennair cook top, and it never cooked evenly. It was also a pain in the neck to remove the cooking cartridge, plug in the electric element, put in the griddle, and then have to reverse it all because if I left it in, I'd be left with only two burners to cook on. Who needs a griddle anyway, I thought.

Then I got the gift. I just used this griddle again this morning. It can handle 7-8 slices of French toast or 6 pancakes at one time, it heats quickly and it's easy to clean. I admit I never would have thought of buying one for myself, but I'm glad the kids got it for me.

Have you received any kitchen-related gifts that ended up surprising you with their usefulness?

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  1. A couple of years ago my daughter gave me a Bialetti and a Bonjour frother. I use them a lot.

    1. Not a gift, but my son persuaded me to buy a kitchen scale because he was on some weird weight training diet. The diet didn't last long, but I found myself using the scale to weigh fruit for jam and jelly and tomatoes for sauces. Never thought I needed one, but now he's off at college and I am happy to have the scale.

      1. I thought my baby food processer was silly. I use it every week.

        1. An electric knife, when it was given to me I thought hell, I'll never use that. I've used it alot more than I thought I would and there is no better tool to use to strip kernals off from fresh corn

          1. An English friend gave me an ice tea maker many years ago. At first I thought, a great,, wwhere am I going to put this thing? Turned out makes good iced tea and I still use it almost every day for 3/4 of the year.