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Jan 29, 2012 08:30 AM

Buffalo Wings - Let's do Something Different

I am up to HERE in Buffalo Wings & Pete's hot sauce. Seriously, I love Chicken wings, but can't we just think out of the box & try to do something else with them?

Asian, Oriental, Sweet & Savory combined....maybe even mustardy?? Oh, maybe Hawaiian...a little hula hula something. Anything but Buffalo....I cannot face another Super Bowl with them staring up at me.

I know you probably won't invite me to your party after that statement, but I just had to get this off my chest once & for all. Perhaps the rest of us can get together & do something besides douse them in that orangey / red stuff.

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    I like this recipe. I marinate overnight and cook on a well-oiled sheet pan. Go easy on the molasses and honey as it will cause the sauce to burn easily in a hot oven. I also use fresh ginger instead of powder and add a few pepper flakes to add just a touch of heat. I don't follow the recipe exactly but combine the ingredients until I get the flavor I am after.

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    1. re: AdamD

      mahogany wings....yes, yes..this looks mighty tasty..thank you.

    2. I roast my wings @ 425 for an hour (frozen). Then I take them out, put them in a bowl and slather with garlic and herb mayo (mayo + chicken = heaven!) Back in the oven to crisp up for about 10 mins. So good.

      They don't taste mayo-flavored, just moist and garlicky!

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        Do you make your own herb mayo? If so, what herbs do you use? favorite word!

        1. re: cstout

          I just put regular mayo in the food pro with minced garlic, salt, and whatever herbs strike me at the moment...thyme, herbs de Provence, etc.. It comes out really good.

          (you can also use that mayo mixture on regular chicken for dinner...slather it under and on top of the skin and roast. It is so succulent and delicious!)

          In a pinch you could use the flavored jarred mayo too and I'm sure it would be good. I've seen a garlic one and also a chipotle one that would be yummy on wings too!

          1. re: PAINTEDPEGGIES

            paintedpeggie's, I bet that is really simple...I would like some right now.

      2. Jerk - Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning. Don't use some dry jerk powder. Use the real deal, or make your own. It's not difficult at all. After they marinate overnight, if you can smoke them, even better. Can't tell you how much Walkerswood paste is just luscious.

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        1. re: gordeaux

          Oh this is a no-brainer! A few years ago, in keeping with our 'themed' holiday parties, we did platters & platters of wings & drumsticks, done every way I could think of. We had traditional 'buffalo', teriyaki, pesto mayonnaise,cilantro/fish sauce/lime juice, barbecue, jerk, adobo, and several I can't remember. Served them with baskets of bread and a couple big salads. Very easy and a big hit.

          1. re: tonifi

            tonifi,how come I was not invited to that shindig? That is a great idea for a party...everyone brings a different "wing" recipe...well, second thought, I bet everybody would be showing up with their own version of buffalo wings....that pesto mayonnaise is sounding pretty good...I better get to "testing" these recipes. Thanks for the ideas.

          2. re: gordeaux

            gordeaux...hmmm, jerk seasoning, don't know if I will find that at my grocery or not, but will go searching for a recipe for homemade just in case. Thanks

            1. re: cstout

              The key ingredients in jerk seasoning are scallions, all spice, and scotch bonnets (v. hot peppers).

              1. re: paulj

                paulj....I had no idea those ingredients were in jerk fact, I have never tasted jerk seasoning....always kinda shied away from that stuff....with a name like that, I just did not know what to expect. But, I feel safer in trying it now....gotta watch those scotch bonnets though....the hottest I have had is chili petines.

                1. re: cstout

                  Jerk Marinade

                  2 tsp fresh thyme
                  1 tsp allspice
                  1/2 tsp nutmeg
                  1/2 tsp cinnamon
                  1/2 cup scallions

                  4 jalapenos or Scotch Bonnets(depending on how much heat you want)
                  1/2 cup white vinegar
                  1/4 cup soy sauce
                  2 tbs oil
                  1 tbs salt
                  pinch garlic powder

                  Combine all ingredients in food processor.

                  Good on fish,chicken, pork.
                  Will keep for a long time in the refridgerator.

                  1. re: niquejim

                    niquejim...thank you so much for no idea this was so easy to make!!

                2. re: paulj

                  Don't forget's not jerk without it.

                  1. re: joonjoon

                    joonjoon...won't forget the thyme...thanks for reminding us.

            2. Hey, no problem, plenty of great ways to do wings. In Rochester, they do "country sweet", which is prepped like Buffalo wings (fry them plain), but sauced with something like the thai sweet chili sauce. Also, Jerk is great. Or marinate in coconut milk and fish sauce.

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              1. re: sbp

                This is getting better & better...heck we could work on the other parts of the bird too...drumettes, breasts, whole all don't stop now, we are going to beat those Buffalo wings by a long shot!!

              2. Here are two I like. First is La Brea Tar Pit wings from Gourmet (on Epicurious). Always a big hit, few ingredients built much greater than the sum of the parts. Do use a disposable pan or you'll be sad.

                The other is Ming Tsai's soy-Dijon wings with crumbled blue cheese. That sauce is also a great all-purpose marinade.

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                1. re: Terrie H.

                  Terrie H., the site has been bookmarked & ready to go. The Tar Pit wings are so easy,,,where have these things been all my life? Thanks for sharing.

                  1. re: cstout

                    A couple of additional notes: I usually use grated fresh ginger rather than dried in the La Brea recipe.

                    I was remembering my mother's chicken wings, which are a completely different style, but always devoured. The wing pieces are rolled in melted butter, the in a 2-1 mixture of seasoned breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese. Can guarantee it was Progresso crumbs and Kraft cheese back in the day, but makes a tasty crispy wing when cooked until there is some caramelization. Not upscale, but always popular.

                    1. re: Terrie H.

                      Terrie H., your momma's chicken wngs sound just wonderful to me..let's make some to make her happy!