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Jan 29, 2012 08:23 AM

[Marcello's La Sirena Restaurant] Why does this establishment appear to be successful? It is one super mystery and then some!

Ten of us went here on New Year's eve and all of us were greatly disappointed with the service, poor food, high prices, added to the fact that our reservation for 9PM was not honored and we were finally seated at 9:40 PM and finally given a menu and water at 10:15PM. But then again New Year's eve is a hectic time and not a fair time to review a restaurant so six of us returned four weeks later on a Saturday night. Major Mistake! This time our 6:30 reservation was honored. That is about the only good thing about this crowded and noisy place! The wine list is large and extensive with prices not to be believed! Want a bottle of decent wine? Expect to pay through the nose! Service once again was POOR! Staff appears to be totally lost and not aware of what to do. One example of "service" was the fact that as we were first seated and in the act of sitting down, one member of the staff plopped down a roll onto the bread plate! Oh yes.. the bread was never replaced during the meal. Service was POOR to say the least and not even worthy of a neighborhood Pizza joint. One member of the staff brought our the dishes so all of us could not be served at the same time. The Woman at our table were NOT served first. Huh? Portions were small and average in quality and high in price. Not impressed at all! We all choose not to have dessert and settled for coffee and tea. I recall that one member of our party had tea and to charge $ 3.75 for a tea bag really is outrageous. There is no Valet parking per se and instead there is an elderly woman outside who directs you to a parking spot (if available). Oh yes.. the NOISE level is unbelievable making any normal conversation almost impossible. After two plus hours in the place all of us were on the verge of getting headaches from the noise level! These days we all have seen really decent restaurants serving good food at fair prices fail and close. This place appears to be very very successful. Why? Beats us! We will not return and suggest that you go at your risk.

Marcello's La Sirena Restaurant
6316 South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, FL 33405

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  1. 1. It's good practice to include the restaurant name and location in the title of your post, so people know what they're clicking on. If not, at least write it at the beginning, instead of at hidden at the end in a smaller font.

    2. So you hated the place on New Year's Eve, but still went back? Granted, you're probably not going to get awesome service ANYWHERE on New Year's Eve, but there are probably hundreds of okay-to-great restaurants in West Palm Beach, so I don't understand why you would give them another chance.

    3. If you drink wine in restaurants, you should expect to pay big bucks for the markup. That is not unique to this place. I don't drink at all, but when I used to, I realized this, and usually chose to drink at home, before or after going out, or at least not at expensive, upscale restaurants that I knew would charge an arm and a leg.

    4. If you already went once, wouldn't you know it was noisy there? Around here, people love Houston's/Hillstone, an upscale chain, but I hate the place because you can't hear anyone at your table.

    5. I'm a pretty old-fashioned guy and I believe in opening doors and pulling out chairs for my wife, my mom, and other ladies, but I honestly wouldn't even notice if the women in my party weren't served first. Usually a waiter has to carry and balance multiple hot plates at once, which is HARD WORK, and he or she may have to grab them in the order the kitchen puts them out. That means the delicate flowers of femininity at your table might have to wait an extra moment or two, but it really isn't that big a deal, and I doubt they even noticed. Of all the things you got upset about, I don't think that one is even worth a second thought.

    6. No valet parking? OH NOES!!!!!!!

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    1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

      A couple of items:
      1. Yes, we noticed the place was extremely noisy when we first went on New Year's Eve but then again that was New Years Eve. We had no idea that the place existed with a roar like that of a NYC Subway car coming into a station every night.. Anyway .. lesson learned...

      2. Usually, restaurants double the retail price of a bottle of wine. I understand and accept that fact of life. Here they multiple the average retail store's price by a factor of 3 or 4... not appropriate.. no way.. no how.. To charge $60 for a $ 15 dollar bottle of wine is outrageous!

      3. In this place, only a single individual brings the food to all of the tables. I guess I am from the "old" school believing that the woman at the table should be served first. Here the men were
      served first, then some of the woman, and approximately 8 minutes later the last woman was served. Again... that is not appropriate in a "class" establishment. I believe it is not proper to start eating while the last woman at the table waits and waits. That is the way I was brought up!
      Oh yes... The woman did notice being served last!.. The establishment could assign two staff members to bring out the food all at once so that everyone could be served at approximately the same time.
      And lastly...
      Given the so called reputation of this restaurant and the prices charged, Valet Parking is

    2. Not the first complaint regarding service that I have seen.