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Worst experience ever

Pub 199 in Mt. Arlington - We had a terrible experience here. We should have been tipped off where he printed on the menu "nothing here is free" - the food was a waste. The steak took 5 minutes to chew each bite and the steamers were rubbery. Nothing on the menu was really appealing and i don't have to tell you by now you should know that he doesn't offer tap water, only overpriced bottles of Poland Spring. So our table of 5 split an 8 oz bottle of water.
The atmosphere is really weird and the poor wait staff has to deal with "what, you charge for that?" all the time. I swear, if the ketchup wasn't on the table, i am sure he'd charge for that too.
IF you like crappy iceberg lettuce, pre-breaded frozen fish filets and processed food, then this is your place.
If i could give this review no stars, i would have. These people are CHEAP and the food is overpriced and sub-par.

Pub 199
199 Howard Blvd, Mount Arlington, NJ 07856

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  1. Who's the "he" you keep referring to?

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      "He" would be George Markou, owner of Pub 199. Here he is on his property with a giant pumpkin! ... http://newjerseyhills.com/roxbury_reg...

    2. Not certain but I think it's illegal to not serve tap water....not to mention completely rude and messed up!

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        that's what i thought. I was asking my party this during the meal! I forgot to add that they charge for extra servings of clarified butter that comes with the clams.

      2. Did you really split an 8 ounce bottle of water between five?

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          You'd think they wouldn't allow that with their 1 drink per customer minimum.

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            Very nice....

            Is the Steak & Lobster / Steak & Clams price still around $20? If so, the drink requirement really is not offensive in my opinion. It's simply a condition for a special.

            for the record, I don't recall anyone ever claiming the steak to be any good....just cheap.

          2. This was really your worst experience ever? It wouldn't even make my top 10.

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              I guess that i have been spoiled over the years by good service, good food and respect for the patron. Perhaps i should have titled this post as "Worst $73 ever spent."

            2. If you like eating clams from the Raritan Bay, this is your spot.

              1. I've heard pub 199 described as many things, but "overpriced" is not one of them.

                1. Pub 199 is great if you want to eat 24 clams and drink a pitcher of beer.

                  Pub 199
                  199 Howard Blvd, Mount Arlington, NJ 07856