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Jan 29, 2012 07:58 AM

Quebec City French recommendation outside the walls?

Looking for the bet restaurant for dinner.

Suggestions please.

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  1. My first choice might be Le Moine Échanson : (upper town but outside the walls). Not fancy french cuisine but definitely home french cuisine with a twist. Private importation wines, all organic.

    Le Clocher Penché dowtown is also very good. Bistro style :

    If your definition of french food is liberal i also recommand you L'Affaire est Ketchup. Good, friendly, no pretention, noisy, festif :

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      1. re: vabou

        Seconding Le Moine Echanson. We ate there last year during Carnival. It was lovely!

      2. Expensive to Medium:
        - Laurie Raphael (solide all the time)
        - Initiale (For the next time)
        - La Fenouillière (To die for)
        - Panache (Delicious Brunch, only able to reserve for brunch)
        - Toast (Very good)

        - Le cafe du monde (just like a french bistro, alway full... My Favorite)
        - L'echaude (Delicious Brunch)
        - Aviatic (Not bad)

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        1. re: lapinroyal

          Would try:
          Il Teatro very nice Italian
          Le feu sacré for steaks
          Le Pain Beni for bistronomy cuisine
          Cafe Sirocco for Tapas