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Southern & Southern. Raleigh weekend meals.

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Good morning everyone! I'm calling the post Southern & Southern because lunch was southern USA & dinner was southern America!

My family and I went to Fitzgerald's Seafood at/near corner of Atlantic & Millbrook yesterday for lunch and it was really, really tasty. It is in a former Chinese restaurant facing the Auto Bell and is the second restaurant by the owners (original one is in Rolesville). It is a Calabash style seafood establishment and I definitely recommend it. I had or tasted: * clam chowder * Brunswick stew * fried oysters * fried shrimp * fried scallops * slaw. The service was prompt and attentive and very sweet (kudos to our waitress MC) and the menu boasts: "the fish we serve tomorrow is still in the ocean today." The fried seafood we had was coating in a lovely light batter, so you could really taste the seafood. Everything was quite, quite nice and I will definitely go back. Their Brunswick stew tops many BBQ restaurants' offerings, IMO!

Last night, my friend and I went to Calavera's Empanda & Tequila Bar in downtown Raleigh. Another one to go back to, and soon! Aside from the super cute waiter, there are 8 good-sized empanadas on the menu + 2 dessert empanadas. And at $3 each, order away! I had the special margarita of the night (spicy pineapple), a glass of wine, and 2 empanadas and my bill was $19.34. Very attractively priced in my opinion. The empanadas tickled my tastebuds and it was a delightful experience. Oh, it is a 2-story restaurant, too, of which already gave it thumbs up for me. The bar is downstairs, and dining is upstairs. After the Symphony we walked back past Calavera's to get our cars and noticed there was a DJ on the first floor around 10:30pm; ├╝ber-cool place!

444 S Blount St #101 Raleigh, NC 27603
(919) 617-1661
2105 E Millbrook Rd Raleigh, NC 27604-1742
(919) 878-4422

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  1. I wish Fitzgerald's luck. That has got to be one of the worst hard-luck restaurant sites in this city.

    1. Thanks for the reminder about Cavaleras. I read about that in newraleigh.com a while ago - and had forgotten.

      I'm so skeptical about seafood restaurants - and the freshness factor......but I might have to trust you enough to check this place out. Thanks for the post!