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upper westchester near Peekskill

Looking for brunch/lunch suggestions on Sunday.

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  1. In Croton, The Tavern and Justin Thyme.

    In Ossining, Wobble Cafe.

    In Peekskill, Birdsall House.

    1. Grandma pies in yorktown

      1. Also in Croton, Umami (check what time they start brunch on Sundays)

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        1. re: Nancy C

          Umami does not open until 5pm on Sunday (and every day).

          1. re: MisterBill2

            Umami opens at 1 p.m. on Sundays, 5 p.m. every other day of the week.

            1. re: Elisa515

              Their home page says their winter hours are 5-9:30 on Sunday, but I will admit that the hours on the bottom of that page says 1-9. I was pretty sure I did not see the 1-9 time when I looked before posting. In any event, I'd definitely call before heading over for lunch on Sunday. That said, if they are open, it's a great choice.

        2. lunch- Memphis Maes in Croton-on-Hudson

          1. 12 Grapes in Peekskill

            1. In addition to the above:

              In Croton, Grouchy Gabe's has good brunch stuff

              In Peekskill, for lunch stuff Bean Runner Cafe, Quiet Man, and the Peekskill Brewery are all good. (Birdsall House, mentioned above, has the best Sunday brunch in town)

              1. it's interesting how many of these I'd never recommend. In no particular order:
                - justin thyme
                - grandmas
                - memphis maes
                - grouchy gabes

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                  Have you been to any of these places for lunch or brunch? I have been to all but Grandma's, and I'd definitely recommend the other three for delicious food. Justin Thyme is more upscale (not very, but comparatively).

                  My son, a huge Grouchy Gabe's fan, tells me it closes at 2 p.m. on Sundays.

                  1. re: Elisa515

                    yes, I've been to all these places multiple times for lunch or brunch. I find justin thyme overpriced for what's on the plate and I get an upset stomach every time I go. The rest of my family likes it more than me and no one else has stomach problems. However, my wife has come to the same conclusion, overpriced for what's on the plate.

                    I think you and I may have had some back and forth in the past on memphis maes. fwiw, I'm a certified kcbs bbq judge, have eaten bbq all over the country (was in lexington nc last week!) and don't think they are serving good (or even mediocre) bbq there.

                    my son loves grouchy gabes too (he had a number 1 for lunch today :), the food is pretty good but I'd hesitate to send someone there for brunch based on the lack of decor, distance from peekskill and some of the other choices available.

                    grandmas is (or was) a chain, very good pie, the rest is pretty plain.

                    I think tavern has the best brunch but wouldn't quibble if someone said the birdsall house or wobble cafe was better. I just saw the bean runner cafe this week and it looks like it's worth a try.

                    1. re: vinouspleasure

                      Thanks for clarifying. Your earlier post said you wouldn't recommend any of these places. Now you say that people in your family like two of those four.

                      The OP (who hasn't returned) did specify upscale, decor--in fact, didn't seem to really care whether a place serves lunch or brunch. And "upper Westchester near Peekskill" certainly includes towns the OP may not even know about. Didn't say "only interested in Peekskill" either.

                      My original response didn't include three of the four on the list you said you'd "never recommend." I wouldn't recommend someone make a special trip to many places, but that doesn't mean they aren't good places to eat.

                      BTW, I am a big fan of the Tavern. But lately at least it's been really hard to get into, even some weeknights. Any idea whether the brunch is similarly crowded?

                      1. re: Elisa515

                        FWIW I wouldn't recommend any of those places either.

                        when we go out, we leave Peekskill

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                          I would never recommend those places to someone looking for a brunch near peekskill,. My family (including my 13 year old son) are entitled to their own opinions, as of course are you. I think you meant to say the op "didn't" specify upscale decor. that being said, grouchy gabes does serve pretty good food but, as I said, I think there are better choices, closer to peekskill and, given no other information, I think grouchy's could be a disaster recommendation for someone expecting even diner-level decor in a restaurant.

                          we've gone towards the end of brunch at the tavern and it's been less crowded. The brunch there is "from scratch", my favorite is the egg nachos but everything has been good...and be sure to try the freshly made doughnuts.

                          1. re: vinouspleasure

                            I find your reaction to my suggesting Grouchy Gabe's very strange. You say the food is good but that the decor isn't even "diner-level." But you heartily recommend The Tavern. Grouchy Gabe's is much more inviting and pleasant than The Tavern! You also like Wobble Cafe, which hardly has any more decor than Grouchy Gabe's. I really don't get what your idea of appropriate decor is. Gabe's is casual for sure, but it has a nice space, big windows, a lovely tin ceiling, nice paint colors, and a changing display of photos. It is far more appealing than Grandma's (which in my experience has dreadful pies but very good breakfast fare). I'm dumbfounded.

                          2. re: Elisa515

                            I'm still trying to figure out how Wobble Cafe in Ossining is "near Peekskill".

                            1. re: fragnet

                              When someone from Orange County is meeting someone from CT. Most people outside the area don't know the subtleties of the smaller towns. I don't think anyone was demanding that people drive way out of their way to go to Ossining; instead, we were giving a variety of options.

                              It's actually pretty amazing how much help and variety was offered for an OP who gave absolutely no parameters for ambiance, type of food or price. An OP who never returned--but of course, these threads are for the ages. :)

                          3. re: vinouspleasure

                            Grandma's had a 2nd place down in Hartsdale a while ago but it closed. I believe they are just one restaurant now. And I think they were recently sold. The new owner claimed he was going to improve the food. Not sure if he has.

                            Thyme in Yorktown (not to be confused with Justin Thyme mentioned here) does brunch. Not sure how it is but the atmosphere is nicer that the vast majority of places listed here (once you get inside and forget about the strip mall setting, of course).

                      2. Not sure if they still are doing it, but Rustica in Chappaqua/Briarcliff was doing weekend brunch that was pretty good.

                        as I said, we live in Peekskill, but drive to eat out!

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                        1. re: weedy

                          Funny. we often drive to Peekskill to eat out. The town has some very nice places.

                          1. re: dma1250

                            as long as you don't care about good food. <g>

                            1. re: weedy

                              If you think Terra Rustica is better food than Birdsall House or Quiet Man, I question your judgement. To say the least. And no reason to be a jerk. Feel free to express your opinion in a pleasant manner.

                              1. re: dma1250

                                well I guess we question each other's 'judgement' then.

                                I , by the way, said I thought the BRUNCH at Terra Rustic was pretty good.
                                Dinner there is decent but un-special.
                                on the other hand, i WOULD indeed prefer it on most counts to either Birdsall (which tries, but is ultimately bland- and especially their charcuterie, which makes it all the more a disappointment) and Quiet Man which is decent for bar food but has a tiny menu and is also okay but nothing amazing.
                                I truly wish Birdsall were better.
                                Eat one meal, any item, at DBGB and then tell me about Birdsall.

                                  1. re: dma1250

                                    @dma1250: I don't see anything wrong with weedy's posts. Seems like you're the one whose posts are offensive.