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Anyone tried Polentoni in Culver City??

Groupon allerted me to Polentoni in Culver City. I am always on the lookout for good Italian fixens.I usually dont go for these coupon "deals" but still would like to hear if there any opinions about Polentoni.

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  1. Groupn is running a deal currently. I've seen VERY mixed reviews on yelp. WHat do Hounds think of this place?

    1. The WORST food and service in recent memory! Avoid at any price. The food is NOTHING like the dishes pictured in their ads. Borderline discusting. Yuk. Waited an eternity just to get my chicken piccata paper thin, and burnt to a crisp. Could not wait to leave.

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        Sorry to hear... but thanks for taking one for the team!


      2. I agree with Baron wholeheartedly! The pizza was worse than most frozen pizzas, the mushroom polenta was lumpy and flavorless. Do not waste your money!!!

        1. Funny to see everyone ragey. I've never had a bad meal there. It's near my office (and not many restaurants with vegetarian food are) so I've been about 6 or 7 times. I get the impression from Yelp that they have good days and bad days and I think I've just lucked out and only been there on the good days.

          1. I used a Groupon there a while back. The food was mediocre.

            They had a dish that called for broccolini and it showed up with plain broccoli and no explanation.

            The atmosphere was odd and the service was indifferent - the staff was gathered around a soccer game at the bar and waiting on customers seemed like an afterthought.

            I would not go back.

            1. I tried this place a while back and I think it's the same owner as the restaurant that used to be at the locaiton (with really poor yelp reviews), just repackaged into a new restaurant a couple of years ago. I remember the pasta being bland.

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                in the past, it seemed that
                every few years the guy repackaged the space.
                gave it a new name, different menu.
                same exact level of quality.

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                  The "guy" could not care less about having a decent restaurant. Must be a front for something. I have two words. STAY AWAY.

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                    Cafe Roberto - that uber-tacky add in The Argonaut gave me the heebies. Dude reclined on his side, holding a glass of plonk, seriously creepy smirk on his face...

                2. Here's the deal: $49 + tax (on the $142) + 18% tip (on the $142) + $4 parking = $86 total. Food is ok. The bottle of wine (only one red for choice w/o paying more). Summary: not worth it. $86 at italian restaurant with average food is ok if getting the higher priced dishes, however, when you factor in choice and atmosphere you might as well go elsewhere. Nothing too special. Also, the service was certainly not worth the $25 tip that was forced upon me. Btw, is it legal to charge the tax on the $142? Isn't the value of the meal what I paid for it in an open market?

                  1. I couldn't help but to chime in on this one. Been there at least a dozen times since the Cafe Roberto days, hoping things would improve. We enjoyed it when it was new at that time, then the service deteriorated. The experienced wait staff disappeared, replaced by amateurs, we noticed. We gave them many chances, living in the neighborhood. The last visit about 5 years ago, I remembered two tables of customers were complaining loudly about the food and lack of service. The owner himself came out to our table checking asking how was everything. I told him our dishes were good but the service...... He replied with "Yes, I know". Never been back and doubt we ever will no matter what he calls his restaurant.