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Jan 29, 2012 05:54 AM

HELP! I left beef broth out all night!

I cooked beef bones & veggies it for 24 hours, then took it off the heat to cool. But then the toddler cried and I fell asleep with her 10 hours ago. Do you think if I boiled it, it could save it?

I know that you can "extend" the life of stock by boiling it every 5 days if it is left in the fridge, but I don't know if that would work after having been out so long.

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  1. bring it to a full rolling boil for a couple of minutes and you'll be fine.

    I think all of us moms have done it once or twice.


      This article should clarify a few things regarding this topic for you.

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        Actually, it left me more confused. He talked about the various dangers, but then at the end, still seemed to recommend simmering it in the morning if you didn't get the chance to cool it. Thoughts?

        1. re: maiswan

          i think rather than be a food policeman, he's offering information and then allowing you to decide. personally, i'd remove the solids, boil it again and batch and freeze.

          1. re: maiswan

            Good article, but it seems to say that he recommends that stock be chilled after the second boil, which is exactly where you are now!

            I've also experienced this, and have lived to tell :)

          1. re: racer x

            As much as I love to, I've decided to stop participating in these threads. Damn, I did it again!!

          2. I do this all the time -- never ever had a problem. in fact, I would say I do this almost every time.

            1. Boil it and your fine. I've done this more than once and I'm still here (and have never had a problem).