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Jan 29, 2012 05:06 AM

A Vedge for all!

What is not to like! Friendly professional staff, Interesting food, great drinks from a full bar in a lovely classic setting.

Specifically, on the vegan food, we found a few exceptional items including the onion soup pho style, the bread, the fried cauliflower, the shaved brussel sprouts and the cheesecake, which was even more amazing considering no dairy. Our entree courses were a bit bland and the small bites were uninteresting to us with the exception of the black olives with chillies. The suggestion on ordering from the staff is three items per person which based on the size of our entrees could probably be correct , our entrees were extremely small. With all the assorted small plates the meal is quite satisfying. Next time we will be more diligent reviewing the menu for entrees which would be more to our liking.

Based on the difficulty in getting reservations close in and the fullness of the house last evening there is no shortage of people who love Vedge and their very special menu selections.

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  1. What were entrees that you had? Could you actually ignore all the entrees and just have a smorgasbord of small plates/apps/sides? Were there other entrees that in hindsight you wish you had tried?

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      CW, we had the Smoked Egg Plant Braciole and the Mushroom with Turnip. Both were quite small and I am sorry to say, bland. They are listed as plates I think not entrees, my error. There is also a "Dirt list" which has veggies of the day that are more appetizing than the name, where one could select from 6-8 lower cost items. Even the plates menu has some single digit items of interest. We are anti-tofu diners which could have eliminated items we would have enjoyed because of their treatment of tofu. We would not hesitate to try them next time and there are others too. We would however avoid our previous choices. IMHO Vedge is a casual but sophisticated welcome addition to the Philadelphia dining scene.

      1. re: Bacchus101

        Wonder how it compares to my favorite veggie sage???? Love everything there and it doesn't entail a trip into center city..... Which Is getting scarier by the day!!!

        1. re: ilovesummer

          Sounds like you're better off staying in Southampton.

          1. re: ilovesummer

            Good question ILS, I love the food at Blue Sage, the service is friendly and the prices are more than reasonable. Based on this visit if I would have to only choose based on food I would choose Blue Sage. I do love the look and feel of Vedge, the full bar and, unlike you, the location. Also after one visit I have yet to identify favorites at Vedge, which I look forward to doing. I for one would love to see Blue Sage relocate or open in another venue. I does sound like you have a clear favorite in the area. That is a good thing.

            1. re: Bacchus101

              Don't forget the folks at Blue Sage were associated with the failed Thoreau on Spring Garden, so location, and execution matter if you are going to succeed. That said I believe there are three great vegetarian restaurants in the greater philadelphia area: Veg, Blue Sage and Sprig and Vine. I am curious if there are others that should be in this camp. My measure is the simple food at the Moosewood Restaurant I had when I was in college. These restaurants take that spirit to another level. But surprisingly, there are few that even come close to Moosewood, let alone that surpass it the way these three do.

              1. re: cwdonald

                Yes, exactly! I do recall speaking with a long time server at Blue Sage when the attempt at the Spring Garden location took place. I believe there was a split both marital and in operation of Blue Sage, i.e. divorce: I believe the husband tried the new startup mentioned. .
                It was the servers opinion that a big reason for the failure of Thoreau was a major disagreement between a monied partner and the food person/ Blue Sage co-owner.
                That is the information I have and it is second hand at best with no verification from any other source.

                1. re: Bacchus101

                  FWIW, I also heard that Thoreau closed because of disagreements/conflicts between the owners, not because it was bad. It was only open for a month, maybe two? I heard good things from people who visited.

                  1. re: Buckethead

                    Thanks for the cooberation . Too go to all that work and expense not to mention time to put this together and then only stay open for a month or two! Must have been some argument!