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Jan 29, 2012 04:09 AM

Boro Park, NY to Naperville, IL Chol Hamoed

DH is very concerned he will starve. He will be traveling for business from Brooklyn, NY to Naperville, IL on Chol Hamoed. He will remain in IL through the end of Pesach. Are there any options for delivered pesach meals or purchasing easily prepared meals in a hotel room? He will not have a car. Is he better off bringing food from NY? Any recommendations for Pesach travel meals? If it makes a difference, he eats kitniot. Eating striclty matzo and fresh fruit and vegetables for 4 days is not an acceptable diet to him. Thank you all for easing his fear of starvation!

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  1. I think a lot of people have had success with the Noah's Ark travel meals. I have no connection to the place, but it seems to fit the bill.

    No idea if they are doing KLP meals but it's worthwhile to find out.

    1. If it were me, I would bring frozen meals (like Mon Cuisine brand) and things like cans of tuna and salmon, as well as other ready-to-eat stuff (canned & packaged). I'd arrange to stay in a hotel that could provide a fridge and microwave (double wrap the frozen meals when warming in the microwave). I, however, am a far more low-key traveller than others here.

      1. In Naperville you are going to find a challenge to find kosher food and other resources - most of the kosher shopping options are in the Chicago neighborhood of West Rogers Park and Skokie - best bet would be to stock up at Hungarian Kosher Foods in Skokie or The Kosher Marketplace in the Jewel Grocery store on Howard in Evanston - both will be op Chol Hamoed and will provide excellent selection of food including rotisserie chicken and the like - to give you
        an idea of travel time - it is about 50-60 minutes from Skokie/WRP to Naperville -

        In terms of restaurants I do not know if any will be open chol hamoed -

        Hungarian 4020 Oakton Street Skokie, IL 60076 (847) 674-8008
        Jewel - 2485 W. Howard, Evanston, IL 60202 847-328-9791

        For additional options here is a link to the CRC -

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          you mean well, BUT the OP says her hisband will NOT have a car. That's a very expensive roundtrip by taxi, 60 minutes each way.

          1. re: bagelman01

            missed that - then definitely better off bringing food form NY since there is not much out by naperville -

            1. re: bagelman01

              There are a couple of ZipCar locations in Naperville, so for roughly $40 round trip (2 hours driving, 2-1/2 hours shopping) he can make the rounds of the Kosher establishments weinstein5 noted and get plenty of food for his stay. The $40 is less than the cost of shipping food in or the added headache of schlepping food from NY.

              1. re: ferret

                Enterprise is about the same but you do not have to worry about traffic because you will get the full day

                1. re: weinstein5

                  True. I was just keeping it as simple as possible (and for the $9.25/hr, Zipcar includes gas).

                2. re: ferret

                  I would agree with this. With 3 months till Pesach, he is much better off arranging to have a car and buying food in Chicago. Remember that Jewel is open 24 hours so he can even go late at night. However, I'm not sure how much prepared food they have available on Pesach.

                  1. re: Shmendrik

                    They do make food during pesach - arriving late it might just be in the coolers

            2. My sympathies are with your husband. business travelers are at serious risk of starvation chol hamoed Pesach.

              Having food shipped by a caterer will be pricey, but you can probably locate a caterer willing to do this.

              If cost is a consideration, I would do what queenscook suggests. And it can be done with home cooked food just by freezing some of the meals you are making for the first days and sending them with him in microwaveable form. If you can book a hotel with an in-room microwave.

              UPS and FEDEx can overnight a cooler chest for you. Or a cooler chest can go as checked luggage.

              But you could also go lower key, and fill a suitcase with things that can make it to Illinois without refrigeration. Hard Cheese. "bread" like a matzoh brei. Cream cheese. Hearty salad fixings like boiled potatoes. Pack the mayo separately. A loaf of banana or pumpkin bread baked with quinoa flour (use your blender as a flour mill) Or perhaps there are kitniyot flours available for Pesach? Cottage cheese will also keep while he flys west. If you think it through and plan it out, you really can send enough food in a suitcase to make filling meals for 4 days without cooking at the hotel.

              1. There is also a Chabad in Naperville which may or may not be able to help out.