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Jan 29, 2012 02:57 AM

Yet another request for Dublin spots

Thanks in advance to all who can provide any "this is where the locals go" cafe, pubs, or lesser advertised but greater loved, spots by Dubliners.
I'm renting a flat for a week in February, will be walking or public transport most places and would like to experience Dublin with less exposure to the tourist geared establishments, and rather spend time, and my euro's, on the consistently excellent locally owned, operated and supported businesses.

If you're uncertain as to what this might entail, just ask yourself if there was a t-shirt shop located anywhere on the premises, if there was, this is what I would consider more touristy than what I'm looking for. Any markets that are worth enjoying other than Tesco?

Thanks for your help

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  1. I'm no expert, but here are a few places I found for my weekend trip to Dublin last year:

    In advance the only place I could find that I was interested in going to was called The Pigs Ear. I didn't end up going so I can't attest to its quality but i thought it looked good when I did my own research in advace and it seems to serve traditional irish fare which I thought might be nice.

    I found nothing else in advance whatsoever but was recommended Le Bon Crubeen on Talbot Street by the woman in our hotel. After going there, it was actually pretty good! Definitely not the best meal of my life but I would recommend it to others as it was a solid place that was fairly close to the action in terms of other things to do.

    We also had dinner at Shebeen Chic south of the temple bar (super touristy) district. It was fairly good too and definitely a funky bar to check out if you're interested. We stopped by early in the evening and ended up leaving to go to other places as the night progressed but i enjoyed it for our short stay.

    In terms of Bars/pubs the only other one that comes to mind that I really enjoyed was Bruxelles- off Grafton Street. I don't know much about it besides that a local recommended it and that when we arrived it was full of awesome people all having a good time. I got the impression they were mostly locals but I had had a few at the time as well.. Also, if I remember correctly this is a sort of late-night/ afterhours place. It was open far longer than all the pubs we'd already left earlier in the night. Also they had a fairly good selection of whisky if that is at all important to you.

    I've also had Farrington's in Temple Bar district, the Duke off of grafton Street, and Dame Street in general recommended to me by a girl I know who has lived in Dublin for most of her life.

    Again, these are far from expert recommendations, but hopefully they help to point you in the right direction!

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      I've been to the Pig's Ear twice and can confirm that it is an absolute must. Great food, good value, nice setting. For a higher-end experience that did not seem "touristy" I would highly recommend Pearl Brasserie.

    2. Here are few recommendations for restaurants:

      Cheap Eats:

      Dunne & Crescenzi, South Frederick St - Italian anti pasti, panini, pasta etc

      Yamamori Noodles, Georges St-Decent sushi and good noodle dishes

      The Exchequer Gastro Pub, Excehquer St - All the usual gastropub staples
      Michie Sushi, Chelmsford Lane, Ranelagh – Tiny place but best sushi in Dublin IMO
      Manifesto, Rathmines – Really good pizzas and simple pasta dishes.

      Mid Level Lunch/Dinner

      Pichet, Trinity Street - Contemporary bistro - very popular
      Winding Stair, Ormonde Quay-Modern Irish Cooking, great wine list

      La Maison, Castlemarket St - Classic French bistro cooking in bright, modern room

      L'Gueleuton, Fade St - French style brasserie with an Irish twist

      Pig's Ear, Nassau St- Good quality Irish cooking with nice views of Trinity College
      Camden Kitchen, Grantham Street – Small but bright, modern space. Cooking is good and inventive bistro moderne style.
      The Green Hen, Wicklow Street. Usual bistro staples. Can be hit and miss but when it’s good it can be very good.
      Locks Brasseries, Portobello – From the same stable as Pearl Brasserie but less formal. Very good quality bistro food in relaxing room by the canal.

      1. Hi dmcg,
        I posted this a couple of months ago . Are you interested in something specific I'm more than happy to help