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Jan 29, 2012 01:18 AM

where to buy Ceylon (true) cinnamon in West LA?

I tried searching the boards already, nothing came up. Thanks!

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  1. Surfas in Culver City, or drive down the 405 to Penzeys Spices in Torrance.

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      There is Also a Penzey's in Santa Monica on 4th street by SM Bl.

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        Penzey's is set up to sell any quantity that the customer wants, in ground or stick form, and it's easy to compare the three or four varieties of cinnamon they have.

        1. re: moto

          And they also do mail order. Love Penzeys.

      2. wouldnt the cinnamon in any mexican grocery fit the bill? mexico imports their cinnamon from sri lanka.

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          That's cassia, not cinnamon. Cassia is far spicier.

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            True cinnamon is a light beige, is soft and breaks apart like balsa wood.


            Cassia is the firm, rigid, rust colored stuff you're used to seeing. True cinnamon is lovely, and has a similar but different aroma. It might actually disappoint if you're used to the flavor and strength of cassia.


            Mr Taster

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              I think technically, "cinnamon" can refer to any of several plant. The Chinese cassia is larger and a bit looser; usually Indonesian or Vietnamese ones are most commonly seen.

              While some people consider ceylon cinnamon "true" cinnamon, I haven't found any reliable source which proves that definitively.

              Wikipedia lists the common types here:

              I do really love Ceylon cinnamon - don't get me wrong. I just think sometimes people are a little too smartypants about claiming that it's the only "real" cinnamon.

              1. re: will47

                >> While some people consider ceylon cinnamon "true" cinnamon, I haven't found any reliable source which proves that definitively.

                Just look at the name. "Cinnamomum verum" is Latin for "true cinnamon".

                If you want to start making ad hominem arguments about the academic or culinary credentials of the botanist who named it, I'm not going there...

                Mr Taster

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            1. Try Sri Lankan Delight
              19016 Ventura Boulevard Tarzana, CA 91356

              Thye carry South Asian Sweets,Spices and Specialities...

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                Is the "real" stuff better than the fake stuff we are used to? If so, how?

                1. re: bringiton

                  It's not better. It's different. Less pungent & assertive, and a simila4 (but different) flavor.

                  Sniff it at Penzey's, side by side with the other cinnamons.

                  Mr Taster