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Looking for coupe glasses

Hi all - I've been searching for some basic coupe glasses to have around for parties and am hoping to find the best deal. Being a non-industry civilian, I'm not sure where to go. I'd love to end up with 25-30 pieces, preferably dishwasher safe. Anyone have any ideas (that may not turn up on a basic google search)? Thanks folks!!

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  1. http://www.potterybarn.com/products/p...

    $24/set of 6 . . . not sure if that's in the price range for buying 30 glasses or not.

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      Those coupe glasses are $45 for the set; not $24.

    2. I think I've heard that Libbey (Libby/sp?) has decent prices for multiples. Depends on what size coupe you need...

      1. how about a restaurant supply? A lot of them sell to the public.

        1. Have you considered vintage glasses? One of the charity thrift stores here sells old coupes for 25/50 cents a piece. I've got a good collection of fun vintage barware from there. My stuff doesn't all match, but I figure that makes it more interesting. I love to drink out of my old glasses. Makes me feel festive. (i dishwash mine and have never had a problem.)

          1. Adding a photo of a couple of piece of my thrift stuff:

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              Nice glasses. I do the same thing, shopping at thrift and antique stores. I have dozens of unmatched, and quite a few large sets as well.

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                One of my best all time deals was 24 duralex picardie tumblers for $10.

                One of the stores prices glasses according to size. So gorgeous old coupes are considered "smalls" at 25ยข a piece, where a pint glass with a scratched up Red Lobster logo would be considered a "large " and go for $1. Totally crazy pricing system. Works for me though!

            2. I got mine at boston shaker online and they are very nice and work great - so far no issues with the dishwasher

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                Boston Shaker is local for me so I bought them in-store, and I love how sturdy they are. Unfortunately, I wouldn't call them cheap, at $7.50/glass, but maybe you could get a quantity discount http://store.thebostonshaker.com/inde...

                I have a few vintage pieces fron estate sales and I do love them but the ones I have feel too delicate, so I've never put them in the dishwasher.

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                  I have the same glasses, and agree with "sturdy." They're nice glasses, and I use them all the time. But... I own mostly Riedel wine glasses, plus a handful of Riedel spirits glasses, and compared with all of those the coupes that Boston Shaker sells are just a bit thick and clunky ("sturdy!").

                  I wish that Riedel or a similar company would make some coupe glasses that weren't way oversized (the Riedel ones are 9.5oz). Until then, the ones Boston Shaker sells are good enough.

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                    good heavens.

                    "But I only had one glass of Champagne" as the eyes roll back in the head...

              2. I know it's not a coupe - but Ikea has very acceptable flutes and wine stems for dirt cheap -- they're what I keep on hand for big parties.

                1. US Foods Culinary Equipment and Supplies in Roseville(Fairview Ave near Rosedale Mall) stocks these by the case and is open to the public. They also have a closeout area that sells broken case glassware for $.50-$2.00 per piece.

                    1. Thanks all for the suggestions, especially the store in Roseville. Definitely going to check it out since it's close-didn't even know about it! Love the pic of the thrift store finds too. Cheers!

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                        I hope you plan on using the coupes for -- I don't know -- sherbet or sundaes or cocktails . . . certainly not Champagne . . . they're definitely not good for bubbly.

                        1. re: zin1953

                          It is on the Spirits board, so odds are good that a fine cocktail will end up in the glass.

                          If you find that a coupe glass does Champagne no favors, may I suggest simply consuming your bubbly before it has a chance to release all its bubbles?

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                            Indeed, the coupes will be for my beloved sidecars & hopefully many other iterations. Frankly, anything sparkling (usually cava) in my house is consumed too quickly for the bubbles to go anywhere but straight to my head! I'm sure I'll try some bubbly in them though, just for fun:-)